2022: This is the date set to have video games on Netflix

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videojuegos en netflix.jpg

It is not the first time we have talked about the possibility of having a new video game catalog on Netflix. This news, which has been circulating on the Internet for months, seems to be closer to becoming a reality than we thought. Dispose of video games on demand on Netflix it can be the definitive trigger that the company needs to differentiate itself in an increasingly distributed market. Disney +, HBO, Prime Video, Rakuten… Gone are the days when Netflix was practically alone in the world of streaming platforms.

What is expected of the video game catalog on Netflix

According to information from Bloomberg, will be Mike verdu, who was already in companies like Facebook or Electronics Arts, the one in charge of leading this new Netflix project. And although more information on this matter has not been disclosed, no details have been given of titles that would arrive with this service extension or if the quota will increase to users or if they will be able to choose whether to have video games or not, it has been on the table a new information that makes us rub our hands.

Apparently, the advances in this subject would be more advanced than we could suspect based on the little information that has been leaked in this regard and it could be expected that we can see a new video game catalog on Netflix in the year 2022. That is to say, we would be only a few months away from being able to enjoy this option that surely more than one of you lights the sparkle in your eyes.

Meanwhile, Netflix continues to expand its catalog with the arrival of new series and movies every month so that you never run out of content to watch.

What do you think of the company’s decision to offer you video games? Would you pay more for this option?


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