Am I watching Panasonic televisions with Android TV?

televisores panasonic con android tv.jpg
televisores panasonic con android tv.jpg

In effect, you are not hallucinating. Some Panasonic televisions have been made with Android TV, an operating system, as you can imagine, that they did not carry to date. Let’s see them!

Panasonic TVs with Android TV arrive in 2020

I will have done few Panasonic TV reviews with My Home Screen!

This is the platform that the brand designed in the wake of Firefox OS. That is, the operating system is that of the fox but Panasonic remodeled it to make a different and unique interface that would give it the distinction with respect to other smart televisions. With it, it has reached version 5.0, going very on par with competing systems such as webOS and Tizen.

Among its characteristics, we can highlight some such as that it consumes few resources or has a very good performance. In return, yes, you find that it is not a platform rich in services.

With Android TV you can access everything in the Play Store

And it is for this very reason that the firm has considered including among its extensive list of televisions some with another operating system, in this case Android TV.

This is the most versatile in that it offers the greatest number of options, which means that the amount and type of services that we have can be quite customized.

With the intention of offering compatibility with highly demanded services, with support for their corresponding applications, the firm has announced, for the moment, two sister models that would include this new OS.

These are the HX700 and XH710 models, which will be available, the former, in 55, 50 and 43 inches diagonally. We know that there is another diagonal of 65, but there are no characteristics yet. The older brother is about to arrive these weeks, but has no specific date yet.

Both will benefit from everything that Android TV offers both in the setboxes and in the televisions in which it is already integrated.

Of course, let’s not think that Panasonic it will turn and forget its platform but intends to continue launching models with one or another system.


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