Discover Sony TVs compatible with HDMI eARC

sony compatibles con hdmi earc e1533413933692.jpg
sony compatibles con hdmi earc e1533413933692.jpg

It seems impossible that, with the progress we are living in this sector, there is still room to bring new improvements. In this case we are not talking about something as spectacular as LG’s new IA ThinQ, for example, but we are talking about a detail that some users may like a lot: a new range of televisions Sony HDMI eARC compliant.

The ARC, which is a convenient system for sending audio sound from the TV to other equipment, requires an HDMI port to achieve this. However, this is still somewhat limited. We talk about the fact that we can only enjoy two PCM channels at 1 Mbps, which amounts to a 5.1 compressed or two 2.0 stereos.

Although, the system has not been stagnant and, in fact, its evolution is already being smelled very closely. This is eARC. It is a version that simply improves or fixes the above, including a greater bandwidth that allows us to work with a greater number of channels.

In addition, it includes new formats as well, so we have more possibilities when it comes to getting different tracks to our external sound systems, as long as they are also compatible with these formats, of course.

MASTER Series, Sony TVs that support HDMI eARC

Indeed, if nothing happens to prevent it, the MASTER Series will be the compendium of the firm’s devices that will present us, ultimately to the user, the new Enhanced Audio Return Channel or eARC system.

The system comes with version 2.1 of the HDMI inputs. However, it is possible that, making use of software, we can achieve it with the previous one, with HDMI 2.0, which is the one that includes the LCD-LED and the OLEDs recently presented by the firm. This has specifically indicated that this possibility exists and that, therefore, MASTER Series are the first Sony televisions compatible with HDMI eARC.


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