Do you know what the new Pluto TV channels are?

nuevos canales de pluto tv.jpeg
nuevos canales de pluto tv.jpeg

The streaming content platform, which I already presented at the time, continues to be successful thanks, in part, to the fact that it is free. This is allowing it to grow and, after doing the same very recently, we are back with new Pluto TV channels.

5 new Pluto TV channels

Unstoppable, it never ceases to amaze us and Pluto TV It does it again by adding another five channels to its platform. And we have to say that nothing ago they gave us two more.

But best of all, it is not about agreements to add content in any way, even at the cost of it being “lazy.” The five channels cover totally different themes, in addition to being original, so that, yes or yes, they will be consumed at home. These include motor, anime, film, music, and poker.

Thus, the offer is expanded in terms of quantity and also type of content, making Pluto TV an increasingly attractive platform. Remember that this is free, forcing the consumer to view advertising, of course, which is where the profits are obtained.

June 7 is the arrival date for the first new channels, Pluto TV Anime and Pluto TV Motor. The rest will be available, too, before the end of the month, going on to have, at that time, a total of 67 options to entertain ourselves without spending a single euro. They do it on the 14th Pluto TV Runtime and on June 21 the remaining two, Plto TV Summer Hits and Pluto TV Wolrd Poker Tour.

The best of all is that, in addition to the television set and set boxes and spikes with Android TV, and exclusively on Samsung televisions that have the Tizen OS, you can have access to all of this on your phone or computer .


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