DTS Play-Fi added on Philips TVs

Dts Play Fi En Los Televisores Philips.jpg
Dts Play Fi En Los Televisores Philips.jpg

DTS Play-Fi is added on Philips TVs. As a title it is very good, if you know what this system is, of course. If this is not your case, keep reading because we are going to tell you what it is and how to enjoy it on a brand TV.

What is DTS Play-Fi on Philips TVs?

From TP Vision the announcement is made that both the new televisions and audio devices of the firm will have DTS Play-Fi.The base and a good summary is used to make optimal connections without cables and that we can combine the characteristics of the equipment that connect.

DTS Play-Fi is defined as a whole ecosystem of the best quality wireless sound. It is designed, in fact, so that we can have the best listening experience at home. To do this, it reproduces with absolute fidelity the high resolution of the audio without delay (we are talking about less than milliseconds).

A connected home with the best sound thanks to DTS Play-Fi

All devices are interrelated and you can send them the audio from any other, such as a phone, doing what we could call proprietary streaming or something like that. We would have a perfect synchronization that includes our own authentication technology and zero quality loss. In addition, we are given different options depending on the devices we have at home, being able to make configurations as personalized as making each one of a pair of speakers work differently. It also creates home cinema systems up to 5.1.

Its compatibility is with 24-bit / 192 kHz audio, it requires, of course, WiFi and Ethernet or cable and we already find it in the main OS.

Now Philips joins, which will take the step with its OLED 805 model. To enjoy it, we will have to use the Dolby Bright Mode, capable of improving HDR performance while optimizing content.

We add that the system will also be available, after firmware update where appropriate, on the 2019 Philips Android models.

Via: TP Vision


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