Enjoy a super Netflix offer with Yoigo

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As operators are used to doing, especially at the change of season and on special dates, we have a new promo on Yoigo. This time they offer us a Netflix offer that, if we plan to change companies, surely we are not going to waste. We will tell you!

What is the Netflix offer that Yoigo offers us?

Yoigo has never been characterized by wanting to be the best offering TV, in fact, in its default plans you do not find it as it already happens with the competition. However, coinciding with the launch of Agile TV Premium, which offers 14 premium channels and content on demand of more than 10,000 hours, the operator has decided to give this service an extra boost and to attract customers is offering nothing more and nothing less than 6 months free Netflix subscription.

The promo, on this occasion, consists of hiring an expensive mobile rate (as always) and fiber. The ENDLESS 40 GB rate would work or, of course, the ENDLESS GB infinites. This contract implies having access to Netflix for half a year and also becoming a member of Agile TV for as long as you are a Yoigo client.

If you are already a customer and you are registered, don’t worry, this offer is going to come in handy. Yoigo will give you a coupon worth 71.94 euros. From here the plan you have contracted is discounted every month, so that, at least next month you will have free fiber, telephone and TV. If you take advantage and go to a rate with unlimited data, you will also be premium on Agile TV.

In this way, we are all happy. Potential customers have a substantial promo and current ones are not dropped by your operator. Yoigo seeks that users can enjoy the greatest supply of content and, without a doubt, with this decision they are achieving it.


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