Enjoy this top personal computer movie streaming

peliculas de informatica en streaming 1024x576.jpg
peliculas de informatica en streaming 1024x576.jpg

The digital age in which we live and the cool things that can be done with these gossip make, without a doubt, this is a topic that interests audiences of all ages more and more. If this is your case, you will surely love having some streaming computer movies as your favorites. I’ll leave you my top!

Top streaming computer movies

  • The social network. The list could not begin without the classic (modern) that shows us how the famous social network Facebook was born, giving a review of the trajectory of Zuckerberg, its creator. It has a very good image, a lot of depth in the ideas and it hooks. You can see it in Netflix.
  • Independence Day, By contrast we have a movie that, with the amount of content available, could be forgotten due to its age. Catastrophic film director Emmerich does a perfect job with an ideal balance between action and comedy. Although computing is not the protagonist or takes up too much time, it is essential for the resolution of the argument. They offer it to you in Amazon Prime Video.
  • Brexit. The bronze goes to Brexit, a film that stands out for being less classic than the previous ones, but also for much more. The title, available at HBO, shows us the scandal that occurred with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica over the collection and use of user data without their consent. Let us remember that so much was the case that since the ruling the privacy of this social network has become totally understandable, simple, easy and understood for the user. It also shows how Brexit affects when it is voted and accepted, the manipulations that were experienced All of this, yes, adapted to be understandable to all audiences, even dealing with certainly complicated issues; a merit that places it in a top of safety pins.