Everything we know about the arrival of video games on Netflix

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videojuegos netflix.jpg

Netflix is ​​one of the leading streaming content platforms. Series, films, documentaries … Nothing escapes this giant. Or almost nothing. As indicated by the media The Information, Netflix is ​​looking for a manager to manage one of its next projects. Soon we will be able to have video games on Netflix. Will it also make it a success?

Video games on Netflix, a project still in its infancy

Not much more information has emerged in this regard, apart from this search for a conductor for this new division. For now, rumors suggest that Netflix would not be responsible for the development of video games, if not that it would become a point of distribution of this type of titles. It is true that four years ago they already jumped into the pool with Stranger Thing: The Game, developed by BonusXP.

This new initiative would actually go in other ways, more focused on offering a video game catalog on Netflix under a subscription model. At the moment, no more information has emerged about the type of titles that it could include or the price of the monthly payment or a possible trial period so that the user can test the experience, but there are those who point to a possible similarity with Apple arcade, Apple’s video game subscription platform.

In view of the very initial stage in which this project is still, it still seems to be enough for the arrival of video games on Netflix to be a reality, but it is an idea that can become very attractive for many of its viewers and that would help the company to provide a differentiating point with respect to its voracious competition.

And you, would you subscribe to this type of content or are you one of those who say they don’t have time for video games?


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