eye! Pokémon live action series is coming!

serie live action de pokemon.jpeg
serie live action de pokemon.jpeg

Pokemon It must be the highest grossing entertainment resource in history. So much so that content continues to be released today, as happened this July on Netflix with Pokémon Journeys. But that’s not all, I don’t know if because they don’t know how to stretch the series further (which is totally reasonable) or why, but now they change the format. Thus, and it is that soon we will have a live action series of Pokémon. You want to know more?

What do we know about the live action of Pokémon?

The new content of the franchise will be, as we say, a series “in people”, a television adaptation.

As you may be imagining, the creative hands, or rather producers, will be those of Netflix, a platform on which we continually see Pokémon premieres and which has taken a liking to this format (One Piece and Cowboy Bebop are clear examples).

The project has just started, so that, although if everything goes well, we could have it in front of you soon, the truth is that it is not known for sure if it is a content that will come to fruition.

What is clear is that Netflix is ​​doing their part to make it happen, with a more than remarkable number of screenwriters who have Joe Henderson, Lucifer’s showrunner, at the helm.

At the moment there is absolute silence regarding the plot, which makes us think, together with the fact that it is a production with digitally generated humans and bugs, that it could be the beginning of the series that we all know.

What is ruled out is that it is a continuation of the Detective Pikachu film, even though the type of animation is the same and having talked about a sequel long ago.


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