Game of Thrones / Game of Thrones spin-offs update

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spin offs de juego de tronosp.jpg

Although House of Dragon is the one in the spotlight because it is the first that was not canceled and is already giving information, the truth is that there are more Game of Thrones / Game of Thrones spin-offs and I would love to update you .

What do we know about the Game of Thrones / Game of Thrones spin-offs?

The universe created by Martin is immense compared to what we have seen throughout eight seasons. And seeing that it became the best series in history, with the highest audiences at the time, and remarkable even after two years of finishing, it is normal that HBO want to continue introducing series, especially if they have already done the most important part: the story, detailed to the millimeter by the acclaimed writer in a good number of books.

It’s not long since we’ve known for a fact that other sister series are in the works (although we obviously suspected it). Which? Let’s see.

One of the well-known projects will show us the Golden Empire Yi Ti, in Essos. It has an inspiration in imperial China. Although in Game of Thrones there is no reference to these lands, we will see it in its first prequel, House of Dragons, where a character, Sea Serpent, embarks towards the eastern kingdom.

9 voyages is a series in which, precisely, we will see this character doing marine expeditions on the way to Yi Ti.

10,000 ships will be the last insured title to date (HBO has had many problems when launching the sister series of Game of Thrones, counting a dozen of them that have come to nothing). Its protagonist is Nymeria, founder of Dorne. We assume that, as a warrior kingdom that it is, we will see a lot of action.

And finally, as for House of Dragon, the news of its premiere in 2022 is maintained, without much news.


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