Give These Unknown Netflix Movies A Chance

peliculas desconocidas de netflix2 1024x609.jpg
peliculas desconocidas de netflix2 1024x609.jpg

Such an immense catalog together with recommendations from both the same platform and from acquaintances and opinion blogs, without a doubt, cause many titles to be lost. And that’s why I come today, to try to avoid it. For this, I recommend five unknown Netflix movies that are worth it.

Top Unknown Netflix Movies

Here are a few movies that you have not heard much about, and of different genres, so that you have, yes or yes, a title to your liking.

  • A Ghost Story. Disconcerting in different ways, this proposal turns out to be very rhythmic (it is short) and speaks to us in a very pleasant way about immortality, time and love.
  • Horse Girl. Released in February of last year and being our own production, we have a production in which we face socialization difficulties, obsession and the way a teenager ends up disconnecting from reality. She lives surrounded by horses and her overflowing imagination together with her social reluctance make her end up confusing reality
  • Many children, a monkey and a castle. It is a documentary  film where we see a protagonist with children, a castle decorated to madness and… a monkey. This shows in a curious way what is, without a doubt, the life of a particular family.
  • The Red Dragon. The lesser-known title of the adaptations of The Silence of the Lambs saga. In this case, we find the prequel. It’s a highly effective thriller with a wonderful structure and an even better roster.
  • Knock Knock. Apparently simple, we have a comedy developed in a single setting, a psychologist’s waiting room, where patients, each with their problems, begin to meet and interact. The laughs, both out loud and in the corners, are increasing and we also get some surprises.


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