Google TV for Android: These are its main news

google tv para android.png
google tv para android.png

Google TV for Android has been updated. If you used the defunct Google Play Movies on your smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system, now you will see that the icon has been replaced by the Google TV icon. At the moment, the change is being progressive and has not yet reached all regions, so if you still do not see this new app, we ask that you always keep your applications updated so that you can get any changes as soon as possible.

And speaking of changes, we have already seen some of the news that this app includes, such as a redesign of its interface and the inclusion of new streaming services. Please note that Google TV for Android is not the same as Google TV for Smart TV or Chromecast. It has some particular characteristics that we are going to know next.

What’s new in Google TV for Android

We find a redesign of its interface, where we now see the photographs of the movies in panoramic format (instead of the square format that we saw so far), in addition to including the punctuation or giving us the possibility of marking the titles that you have already enjoyed as Seen, so as not to see them again by mistake.

In addition, we also now find more and better personalized recommendations for you and that are based on new categories and a more powerful AI engine that allows you to learn more about the user so that the algorithm always has something to suggest to you to see.

Finally and possibly the most prominent change is the inclusion of new streaming services. In total, there are eight services that can now be configured in the application to get even more out of Google TV for Android: Discovery +, Viki, PBS Kids, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, FuboTV, Philo and Youtube TV.


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