Hisense’s range of new Laser TVs launched

nuevos laser tv de hisense.jpg
nuevos laser tv de hisense.jpg

The news of its new televisions is not the only one. We also have new Hisense Laser TVs, somewhat more special appliances that we want to present to you today.

What are the new Hisense Laser TVs like?

As you can imagine, the grace of these is the laser display technology that they present. This achieves an image quality so high that it can perfectly accompany Dolby Atmos, audio support that the device has.

Hisense presents several models so that we have a choice based not only on our needs but also on our own tastes, taking a big step in this regard and gaining positions in the subsector.

We find:

  • A more basic 80-inch “walk-around” model.
  • Cinema Laser TV, which already offers 120 inches.
  • Finally, Sonic Laser TV, which includes a more advanced technology such as an ionic sound panel of nothing more and nothing less than 88 inches that works as a loudspeaker, including more than 100,000 audio units. The maximum volume is 90 dB and it is reproduced in an enveloping way, maintaining 97% of the sonic fidelity.

In addition, all incorporate an image quality with 4K resolution as well as support for playback of HDR content and sound, as we have advanced, in Dolby Atmos.

They work with a passive luminescence technology based on reflection images. This means that we do not see them directly but they are a reflection. This is beneficial to reduce eye fatigue, which is why our advice for use is for long-term content (classes, courses, cinema …). In addition, minimal levels of blue light are also generated, although we have to remember that precisely these devices work with laser sources of blue light, which are the ones that offer the greatest sharpness.

Finally, talk about its new chip, Laser Engine, which allows images to be reproduced with a greater degree of naturalness and ultra-realism in details.


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