How to connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to a TV

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Yesterday in New York City the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The new brown beast of the South Koreans that arrives with an aesthetic practically identical to its predecessor and with a series of accessories that sets this series apart from other models of the house and of the competition. Speaking of accessories, if you were thinking of buying the Samsung DeX station, with this article we will take away your desire. And it is that you can connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to a TV with a simple HDMI cable.

How to connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to a TV or computer monitor

Until now, if we wanted to connect our Samsung device to a television or monitor we needed the Samsung DeX, an accessory that, although really useful, has not had the desired sales since it is really something expensive and specific for a specific segment of users. It can be good for all of us to connect our mobile to an external screen at a certain time, but we should do it very often to justify your purchase.

Now, the company gives this concept a twist and allows us to connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to a TV only with a USB-C to HDMI cable. With it, we will be able to have a desktop experience on our monitor / TV.

Why has Samsung chosen?

As we say, the DeX system It was a great idea, however, requiring a dedicated station has not been getting too much out of it. To offer added value to the user, Samsung has chosen to offer us the possibility of connecting the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to a television or external screen simply with the use of this cable. And it seems like a great idea to us.

Via | Samsung Spain


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