I bring you some details of the features of Android TV 12

caracteristicas de android tv 12 1024x576.png
caracteristicas de android tv 12 1024x576.png

A long time ago, the arrival of Google TV gave us talk about the continuity of Android TV as an operating system. Would it be his successor? What would their differences be? Would Android TV 11 be the last to see the light? Some time ago these questions had an answer but today we made it clear to you by knowing many of the features of Android TV 12.

What are the features of Android TV 12?

The third mobile version of the operating system has been around for a few days and this has also been added, beware, the TV version, called, without surprises, or yes, Android TV 12. With this, the doubt of its continuity is resolved in the market, but … how is it? How is it different from Google TV? Well, we leave that for another next post. For now, we tell you what the latest great Android update has.

  • Automatic refreshment change. It is a function that is seen a lot and that in a top system was missed now that we use televisions for everything, even to play or watch social networks like TikTok. With it, the TV will adapt to the fps that each content, considerably improving the fluency.
  • Use of peripherals. Both cameras and microphones will be controlled by the user, so that you can turn them off completely when not in use. An icon that reminds us when they are activated can also be incorporated on the screen.
  • Interface in 4K. Indeed, the interface, even if it is a mere occasional glance, has to be consistent with what the system offers, and now it will be seen in 4K, improving the resolution of menus, buttons, thumbnails, images and other resources.
  • Windows in blur. Windows are now rendered with a blurred effect. With this, it is possible to improve the reading of the superimposed signs and their appearance is more similar to that of a computer.
  • App registration. There will be a record of the applications that have been accessed recently.


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