N-Plus, this is the new Netflix mode with access to extra content

n plus.jpeg
n plus.jpeg

Again, Netflix has already launched a new random experiment to see how it works. It’s about N-Plus. According to Protocol, this would offer access to playlists, podcasts and makings off, that is, very juicy extra content that will guide many.

What is N-Plus like?

Protocol bases its news on surveys of many of its readers. N-Plus is defined as an online space where you can learn more about Netflix content and everything related to it.

In these forms, they asked about these three functions, which would bring the consumer closer to both the platform and the contents themselves, knowing more about the production, the background and even the history of the characters.

One of them, as we say, is the creation of lists, something available on any other well-known competing platform and that Netflix has been refusing to offer for a long time. The other two are more DVD extras, somewhat similar, although apparently larger, than Amazon Prime Video’s X-Ray.

Protocol contacted Netflix to learn more and, as always when they speak, they did not say anything closed, only that, as they usually do, they ask their subscribers regularly to go forwarding innovations, without making anything official.

Even so, it seems that some questions in the survey are very specific to speak of a simple trial and error, so we can intuit that sooner rather than later, some of this will come out as an implementation, of course, to test in the first place. And, indeed, an example would be if you want a list of the musical themes of a content to reproduce them, giving something more personalized and interactive than what we have in Prime.

In addition, they have already given a name to this new set of services: N-Plus, so it sounds like they already have it quite clear.

Another suggestion is that users could know more about the productions that are still in process, which can be of great interest to fans of large series. Netflix hints in this question that opinion could influence the process, which would imply that the contents were much more in line with what we want.


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