Now available Samsung The Wall 2021, what news does it bring?

samsung the wall 2021 1.jpg
samsung the wall 2021 1.jpg

Infinite screens. Do you like how it sounds? They are already a reality. Samsung The Wall 2021 they are already available globally and come with many benefits. They are not screens for everyone, in fact, you probably won’t even have the possibility of putting it in your living room due to its dimensions, price and characteristics, but if you are a lover of image and sound, you will surely be interested in learning more about this new milestone. from the South Korean company.

Features of Samsung The Wall 2021

It is a modular led display that incorporates a new Artificial Intelligence processing technology, in charge of its Micro AI processor, capable of analyzing and improving each video frame to improve the image and reach up to 8K resolution. It has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and is very versatile when it comes to installation. It is focused on business sector.

Technology is also worth highlighting Black seal, which gives these displays perfect uniformity, with purer blacks, better scene depth and finer details. The brightness reaches 1,600 nits. On the other hand, technology Ultra Chroma Thanks to their narrower wavelengths, they can create RGB colors up to two times purer than other LED screens.

The most immersive and versatile screen

Hyesung Ha, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, stated that “The Wall 2021 is the most immersive and versatile screen that we have designed so far, where we offer companies total control to create dream environments ”.

You will not find this screen in the usual retail stores. To access it and check its availability and price, we recommend you look at the link below and contact a commercial of the brand if you want to use Samsung The Wall 2021 in your business or your company.


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