Panasonic Smart TVs will have Plex available

1618822447 plex.jpg
1618822447 plex.jpg

Surely you’ve already heard of Plex. This multimedia content app allows us to expand the possibilities of our digital home, offering us many options to play this type of media. However, not all manufacturers have it available. The next to join the list is Panasonic, who has already made public its immediate availability.

Plex comes to Panasonic and its Smart TV

But beware, because not all Panasonic televisions will have Plex compatibility. Specifically, the The Plex app will be available for Panasonic Smart TVs from 2014 onwards with Firefox OS and the Panasonic Smart Viera app store.

From this App Store we can search for Plex, download it, install it and start enjoying all the possibilities that this application offers us (live content, multimedia organization, title library, etc.).

This is one of the apps preferred by users

Where else can we enjoy Plex?

This app is available at the manufacturer level on televisions from brands such as LG, Samsung or Sony (and now also Panasonic) and in operating systems like Android TV or Roku TV.

Little by little, the list of devices from which we can access Plex, the great multimedia library in which we can organize our own content and have it available anywhere, is expanding. An ideal option if you go on vacation or if you spend a lot of time away from home, we no longer have to be glued to the sofa and the TV in the living room to enjoy that movie that we have downloaded or a marathon of all the seasons of our series favorites.

For many, it is an ideal alternative to Netflix, although if we consider it a complement we can have the best of each one without having to give up anything.

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