Scary movies on Netflix, HBO and Prime Video to watch on Halloween

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One more year, I want to review the streaming content platforms to see how the horror genre is doing and make you some cool proposals to see on Halloween night and these days that are approaching. I propose six scary movies to watch on Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video.

First, take a look at my selection from last year, as I will not comment on these anymore, but they are still totally recommended from my point of view, obviously.

What scary movies in streaming can we see on these platforms?


  • Hostel

Scares you don’t take away but they are bloody and quite graphic in some of their tortures.

  • 1922

If you like horror narrative, you can’t miss this adaptation of the great Stephen King. It’s not that it’s terrifying, but generally speaking, the writer’s work that is brought to the big screen pays off, and this movie is no exception.


  • Friday the 13th

Classic among the classics; it never fails. The combination of old horror movies (which left young and old without being able to sleep for a week) with more current titles, full of realistic effects, is essential to give your body one of lime and another of sand and promote a uncomfortable restlessness, which is what you want by watching these movies.

  • Warren expedient

Highly acclaimed by the most demanding public, it is one of the few titles that manages to make me feel somewhat creepy.

Highly recommended

Amazon Prime Video

  • Never say his name

Let’s forget (or not) the titles that are only horror titles and that, for this, sometimes sin of having bad arguments. This film includes, in addition to a dose of fear, drama, action and even thriller. It cannot be more complete.

  • The day brought darkness

Let’s give cinema away from Hollywood a try. Awarded in Sitges, this laconic title is focused on stimulating ourselves through independent cinema’s own resources.

I also leave here the HBO and Netflix programming for this month of October, in case you have already seen them all 🙂 Notice that there is also some content a little creepy, mysterious and others.


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