The Samsung smartTV of 2018, what we all expected?

smarttv de samsung de 2018 e1523793299277.jpg
smarttv de samsung de 2018 e1523793299277.jpg

New spring, new run of televisions in all brands. We have already presented a huge number of models in all sizes but, for those who want to know what the Samsung smartTV of 2018 is like, we open this post. Discover what the South Korean firm wants to offer you with its new televisions and think if it is time, or not, to renew yourself.

What are the Samsung smartTVs of 2018 like?

The most outstanding models of the firm, both medium-high range and, of course, in their QLEDs, will have, practically all, a series of characteristics that make them extremely interesting, especially for an audience that grows every day: the gamers.

Thus, we begin by talking about 120 Hz for FullHD, something practically unthinkable for any previous model, whatever the brand. Yes, we have seen many televisions with this update frequency but try to remember one that was not a very high-performance UHD.

In the same way, two variable frame rates can be supported, so that both judder and tearing are combated equally.

  • We have, on the one hand, VRR or Variable Refresh Rate. It is something that, at the moment, is only available in the HDMI 2.1 interface but that, now, can be implemented in the HDMI connections in 2.0 of these new models of Samsung if you have content sources that are compatible.
  • On the other, we have the well-known FreeSync, which we see in the immense number of quality PC monitors.

It also seems that, step by step, the 2018 Samsung smartTV seeks to improve the gamer’s experience with its most worked game mode and that it will be activated by default when a video game device is detected, in addition to reducing input lag below of 16 ms for all models.

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