The Spanish brand that triumphs with large televisions at laughable prices

televisores de grandes dimensiones.jpg
televisores de grandes dimensiones.jpg

Finding large televisions at an acceptable price is possible thanks to TD Systems, a Spanish brand. Together with a support from Vogel’s, it can be the perfect option to exploit the benefits of this television.

Renew our old television for a bigger one and be able to enjoy a good HBO series or relax at the end of the day watching a movie, is within reach of all pockets thanks to the TD Systems television and its low price, we will tell you everything!

The larger brands offer their large TV models at high costs, but today there are affordable alternatives on the market such as TD Systems televisions. To get the most out of this TV, Vogel’s have launched a TV stand that allows the maximum performance of the qualities of these televisions, since, thanks to their universal system, they manage to adapt perfectly and take out their full potential.

Vogel’s TD Systems TV stands focus on achieving a perfect TV placement in our living room, bedroom or wherever you prefer. This is possible because these Spanish televisions are perfectly designed to present a good screen size with lower economic benefits than the competition that allow them to be placed anywhere. For this, there are several types of supports, this will depend on the needs of the user:

The TV stand MA 3040 rotary from the M Series, it is ideal if you want to tilt or turn the TV to set the perfect viewing angle. It is a perfect option if we are in a room with several environments. East tv support TD Systems It stands out for its great resistance, since it allows up to a maximum of 25kg of weight, that is, a television of between 32-55 inches.

large televisions 2

The Wall Series is also available, with the tv stand 3145. It allows for easy wall mounting, and the ability to rotate and tilt the television to find your perfect angle.

large televisions 3

Finally, the THIN Series is another option to value. And if we want our TD Systems tv support to be fixed just 1.5 cm from the wall and be practically invisible, the support THIN 405 is the chosen one, and even one of the best sellers for OLED TVs. It can support a 40-65 inch TV with a maximum of up to 40kg.

large televisions 4

Note that Vogel’s is part of the Quality Signature, For its design, innovation, ease of use and reliability, many of its supports are also in white to better match the design of any home. In addition to this, the leading brand in TV stands, has a tool that allows you to find the perfect support by simply entering the model of your TV, there are no longer any excuses to enjoy your TV whatever it is!