There will be more content in Catalan on Netflix thanks to a Spanish grant

contenido en catalan en netflix 1024x577.jpg
contenido en catalan en netflix 1024x577.jpg

Indeed, Spain, and more specifically the Catalan autonomy, will allocate a juicy figure to invest in the platform and promote content in Catalan on Netflix. We will tell you!

What do we know about the new content in Catalan on Netflix?

This item is allocated through the Government’s national language plan, which also includes Catalan and Aranese sign language. In this way, says Garriga, Minister of Culture, Catalan will be protected. At the same time, he talks about how Spanish does not need encouragement because it is very strong in the community.

To do this, an appeal is made to a revision of the language standardization plan in force and unchanged for 40 years now. The change of context, including a total immersion of the society in the digitization thus does not demand.

Thus, Garriga speaks of promoting the supply and consumption, in addition to books, music and other arts, of audiovisual media. In addition, it speaks of the draft audiovisual law of the State as a resource that is not capable of preserving the diversity of either culture in general or language in particular. It is necessary, as he says, to identify the situation and the needs of the resources of our country and its society.

An example is the great platform, which has more than two thousand films and, of these, only four can be enjoyed in Catalan, although, what is more, at the time they were released in this language. In Cs’ they do not agree with this and they fight for the promotion and respect of all Catalan languages ​​equally, including Spanish (although this is another matter), in an attempt to defend bilingualism. Grau highlights that it is being sued in Netflix what is not done on TV3 itself, before putting the foreign.

The Catalan government also does the same with two other platforms and distributors, Filmin and Rakuten, although to a lesser extent.


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