What we already know about the last season of La casa de papel

ultima temporada de la casa de papel.jpeg
ultima temporada de la casa de papel.jpeg

The most famous Spanish series of the moment and for a long time ends soon. We have already discovered the first details of the last season of La casa de papel; good news and bad news at the same time. Even so, we want to tell you everything.

What do we know about the last season of La casa de papel?

This week the trailer for La casa de papel was launched, specifically its fifth and final season. Of course, this is the first and before its broadcast we will surely see something else, but, for now, it is all we can count on.

In this we discover something that all fans want to know, the release date. This is specifically on September 3. Thus, as we have said, there is more than plenty of time for Netflix little by little, it gives us some more surprise.

We also know that this final season will be broadcast in two parts. The first is the one that begins in September but it will not be until December 3 that we can finish the series.

Much image that says nothing, the truth, although Tokyo tells us in voice-over that, apparently, something will happen for which there is no going back (we understand that, at this point) everything will blow up). It literally tells us that the important moments are those in which we understand that there is no return and that there is something that has no going back.

Although we do not know for sure, I can already guess that not all our beloved protagonists will be saved, but I hope, for the good fans of the series, that they have endings worthy of the paperwork they have been doing over the years.

Do you like La casa de papel? What do you get out of the trailer? What do you think will happen or would you like to happen?


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