When will ‘The Snow Girl’ premiere on Netflix?

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la chica de nieve en netflix.jpg

More than a million books sold and a series on television. This is the cover letter for ‘The Snow Girl’ on Netflix, the work of Malaga-born Javier Castillo that was published in 2020 and became, for many, their lifeline during confinement. The writer himself has been in charge of spreading the news on social networks, where a legion of almost 400,000 followers follow in his footsteps every day.

When will ‘The Snow Girl’ premiere on Netflix

It promises to become one of the great successes of the platform. ‘The Snow Girl’ has already passed through more than a million readers who have been moved by the story of Kiera Templeton. Tells the story of a three-year-old girl who disappears during the Thanksgiving parade in New York in 1998. Five years later, her parents receive a mysterious VHS tape showing their daughter in the present moment. Thanks to this, the investigation is reopened, in which journalism student Miren Triggs, who carries her own personal tragedy on her back, will weigh heavily.

For the moment, The premiere date of ‘The Snow Girl’ on Netflix is ​​unknownIn fact, filming is not underway yet, so we do not expect to see it in 2021. Few details are available about this production for now. His first season in Netflix will be broadcast on more than 190 countries, but its possible release date or any additional details about its cast have not been revealed. The most optimistic point to 2022 like the moment when we can spend the nights in suspense discovering where Kiera Templeton is and who took her that December afternoon in the heart of Manhattan.

In the meantime, Javier Castillo he has just published his fifth novel, which has already become one of the best-selling books in Spain: ‘The game of the soul’.


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