Xiaomi Mi Box S: 4K and Google Assistant in the new Xiaomi TV Box

Xiaomi Mi Box S.jpg
Xiaomi Mi Box S.jpg

A few months ago there was talk of the possibility that Xiaomi was preparing a new version of its TV Box and finally the surprise has been revealed. The model Xiaomi Mi Box S It comes as a necessary renovation with a few incentives that will make us opt for your purchase if we are looking for a new multimedia device for our television at a quite interesting price.

Features of the Xiaomi Mi Box S

The new streaming video player with Xiaomi Android TV focuses on image quality as the main objective. Among them, the addition of 4K and HDR they make you climb a step in the direct comparison with your competition.

With Android TV and a connection to our television through WiFi and HDMI, the new Xiaomi Mi Box S is compatible with content in 4K and HDR, in addition to having a Netflix button as a direct access integrated into the remote control. If you do not use this platform and want to use other types of apps or even the content that you have on your smartphone, you can “launch” them directly to the TV thanks to Chromecast also integrated in this TV Box.

As technical specifications, we find 8 GB of internal memory, WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2, DTS-HD sound and Dolby Audio Plus 7.1as well as a processor quad core.

In addition, what for many will be the most outstanding feature is the integration also with Google assistant. On the remote control itself we have the button for this virtual assistant and a microphone to execute orders or ask questions.

Availability and price of Xiaomi Mi Box S

For now, we have no record of its arrival date in Europe, but we do know that it is already available in the American market, with a price of 60 dollars in the United States.


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