You can now see TikTok with Amazon Fire TV

ver tiktok con amazon fire tvp.jpeg
ver tiktok con amazon fire tvp.jpeg

The advancement of social networks is inexorable and, today, they are necessary for many people, who obtain income from them. For this reason, and also for many others, there is an increasing demand for the presence of these in televisions, where many people, large and small, make life thanks to all the options that they already offer. Of course, now it’s the turn of the most fashionable one. And you can already see TikTok with Amazon Fire TV.

How to watch TikTok with Amazon Fire TV?

As Facebook did at the time, first on Samsung televisions and then on Android TV, TikTok gets on the bandwagon and now we can enjoy it from the Amazon stick.

The social network was in doubt, without reason in my opinion, by the strong activity of YouTube Shots, and it seems that it has taken a new blow to be the positive protagonist in the news. It does this by offering compatibility with Amazon’s Fire TV devices.

It may not be new to you because there is already compatibility on televisions, as is the case with Samsung’s Tizen, those with Google TV and Android TV and also through the use of Chromecast. But the news is not the arrival of TikTok to the television itself but to the devices that Amazon has for sale to give intelligence to the TVs that do not have it.

At the moment, the availability is not total. We do find support for TikTok on Amazon Fire TV in countries like France, Germany or the United Kingdom. Of course, it will be available in many other countries in the coming weeks.

As we have already seen when using the app on other televisions, for now, TikTok is capped on televisions. This means that we cannot create content, which is logical considering that few televisions have a camera. We will only be able to see the contents that are already created, both our own and those of the rest of tiktokers. The available options are also identical to what we have already seen on other TVs.


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