You can now watch LOVEStv on old Panasonic TVs

Ver Lovestv En Televisores Panasonicp.jpg
Ver Lovestv En Televisores Panasonicp.jpg

Although this television alliance has been available for 10 months, the truth is that it has always had problems of one kind or another (nothing serious, really, but there they are). Part of these inconveniences are due to the lack of compatibility with all TVs, each brand being the object of curing this inconvenience if its users are affected. And the news today is none other than that, the solution by one of them, which means being able to watch LOVEStv on old Panasonic televisions.

Watch LOVEStv on Panasonic TVs

The essence of this platform is HbbTV technology, which is easily accessed, if available, from the TV remote. However, although it is very popular, not everyone has access to it; this depends on our TV.

In other cases (most) it is not that such technology is not available, but simply that there is no compatibility with this platform.

So, the japanese brand has got down to work and already allows us, as of today that you are reading this, access LOVEStv. This will be possible from the models that it has launched this year, of course, but also from the F series, which is from 2018, and from the E series models, from the year 2017.

Increase the compatibility of Panasonic TVs

In any case, you can ensure the compatibility of your TV by entering HERE and entering the model name.

If your TV is among the supported models, the next thing to do is update it. This update should be given automatically but, if this is not the case, you will have to resort to THIS SITE where it is perfectly explained how to do it and you are given the necessary files in connection with your smart TV model.

Finally, I leave you an article on how to watch LOVEStv for free and from home, setting up your television.


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