LG 50UP77006LB: 5 reasons to choose this TV

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lg 50up77006lb.jpg

It is not strange to find yourself in a situation of confusion when buying a new television, not only because of the number of features that are part of a new generation model, but also because of the wide variety of options that the same manufacturer offers in a similar price range . LG is undoubtedly one of the most launches each year and this time we focus on LG 50UP77006LB .

LG 50UP7700 is a high-mid-range television that we have already had the opportunity to analyze in detail previously and be surprised by its specifications in each of its technical sections. However, if you’re still not sure why you should go for this model over similar ones, here are five main reasons to choose it.

An immersive display design

LG 50UP77006LB

LG 50UP77006LB has very well contained bezels

One of the attempts of the television industry in recent years is to optimize the design of its models, mainly in the frontal area, which is what the user observes at all times. As has already been observed in the mobile world, the intention of minimizing the bezels that surround the screen is achieved here almost perfectly.

Thus, LG 50UP7700 has a 50-inch-size LED panel with an occupation of 93% of the front surface , something that helps to have an immersive vision at all times and at the same time prevents the overall dimensions of the TV from growing. even more.

With a weight of 11.7 kilograms and official dimensions of 651 x 1121 x 57.1 mm, the TV can logically be placed on a pair of legs in the shape of an inverted “V” on its ends as well as fixed directly on the wall by means of the use of third-party accessories thanks to a 200 x 200 mm VESA mount .

Additional benefits for your image

As expected, the native UHD resolution is present in a panel of this size so that you can appreciate great clarity in next-generation content . But this is not all that matters when comparing the image quality between televisions and LG takes care of adding some exclusive technologies.

On the one hand, ” Dynamic Color” is responsible for expanding the representation of a wider spectrum of colors , with more intense and vivid tones but without losing naturalness. Its complement is “LG Local Contrast” that works on the contrast ratio so that everything looks sharper without using high levels of brightness.

Finally, there is no lack of an image rescaling system called “4K Upscaler” that will help to better appreciate those video contents that are not natively available in UHD, while “Noise Reduction” works automatically and in real time to maintain fluidity. Superior in fast-paced action movements.

Enhanced connectivity options

LG 50UP7700

LG 50UP7700 has among its weakest points its energy consumption

LG 50UP77006LB not only has the traditional integrated Wi-Fi connection but also Wi-Fi Direct for faster synchronization between devices in a close range, and even Bluetooth 5.0 that simplifies the cable-free relationship with external peripherals, in addition to computer equipment. sound and even new generation headphones.

In the case of physical inputs, an Ethernet port also facilitates connection to the local home network via cable, and its USB 2.0 input is not only compatible with playing multimedia files but also being able to record the content that is being played on the screen . Its only negative point is the availability of only two HDMI inputs in the 2.0 standard.

An ideal smart experience

Those who are interested in accessing online content undoubtedly have LG products as a guarantee of trust , because over the years and its constant updates the WebOS operating system has been improving significantly to optimize the fluidity of its interface, the availability of a greater number of Apps and even new functions.

In this way, LG 50UP7700 allows you to forget about problems to use the most popular video streaming services in the world , from Netflix through Amazon Prime Video, Youtube or even the most recent HBO Max, Disney + or Apple TV. There are currently hundreds of free applications for download from the official LG store.

As if all this were not enough, the TV has compatibility with the virtual assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to control it remotely using voice commands, and even users of iPhone and iPad devices can access Apple AirPlay connectivity technology 2 to stream content such as photos, videos, and music wirelessly.

Sound with additional technologies

LG 50UP7700

LG 50UP7700 has a fairly classic rear face

It is clear that the presence of two integrated speakers with a total power of 20W is no difference with the vast majority of televisions available in stores, although this time the Korean brand has intended to achieve better results by using different advanced audio technologies.

On the one hand, Dolby Digital helps to appreciate the surround effects in compatible movies and games , while “Clear Voice” improves the appreciation of dialogue without the need to turn up the general volume. There is also no lack of LG Sound Sync, Sound Mode Sync and Ultra Surround technologies.


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