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lg oled48cx6la 1.jpg

At our review of the spectacular television LG OLED48CX6LA we analyze all the technical details and performance of the impressive model 4K from LG. However, when looking for prices on the internet or buying this LG OLED 48 ″ you will have found not only the reference OLED48CX6LA, if not also with a OLED48CX6LB and another OLED48CX5LC. So the logical thing is to ask ourselves a question: are we choosing the correct product?


We quickly clear this uncertainty for you: they are the same product. Indeed, we save you the trouble of comparing its specifications and characteristics one by one, to confirm that they are the same TV. The image quality, connectivity, even the design and finish is the same in these three references. Therefore, we are, in front of any of them, before a magnificent tv, whose outstanding qualities we summarize in five keys throughout the following sections.

Image quality of LG OLED48CX6

A primary reason to choose this TV OLED48CX6 and not another different model, or from another brand, is your exclusive display technology. Well, it is not only a reference with a fantastic diagonal of 48 inch, the TV has a wonderful display OLED, which is the only one on the market capable of offering the Pure Black. Unlike the vast majority of options on sale, this device lacks an LCD panel, therefore, it completely eliminates the LED Backlight. With technology OLED from LG, the images are formed with millions of fully independent, self-luminescent light points. That is why the panel provides deeper blacks, giving the user a visual spectacle with richer colors and a quality of more realistic picture.

Self-luminous pixels, for a unique immersive viewing experience on all content

The sharpness of this screen Ultra HD, with resolution 4K from 3,840 × 2,160 pixels, billions of colors with ultraluminance, and mode HFR that reaches the 100 fps both in 4K like in 2K, is complemented by a host of content enhancement features. The TV includes the technologies Dolby Vision IQ in image and Dolby Atmos in sound, to enjoy the content professionally mastered. His intervention allows us to see the films as they were created by the artists. Dolby Vision IQ extends the benefits of Dolby Vision beyond HDR (taking into account that the screen is also compatible with the formats HDR 10 Pro and HLG Pro), and Dolby Atmos provides a immersive acoustic experience that immerses us in the content. Let’s not forget the way Filmmaker, which will make us enjoy as if we were in the cinema, where the television automatically adjusts the image, turning off motion interpolation.

Design of the LG OLED48CX6LB and others

The manufacturer defines this series of references as works of art. And we will check that he does not exaggerate when we are face to face with him LG OLED48CX6LA, LG OLED48CX6LB or LG OLED48CX5LC. With dimensions of 1071 x 618 mm and just 46.9mm thickWithout a stand, the ultra-thin display can look almost like a wallpaper on the wall. The extreme thinness of the product also influences its weight, being a television that weighs less than 15 kilograms (without bracket). The frames are minimal, to accentuate the viewer’s immersion in the content. And even the rectangular base, for those who do not want to hang the screen on the wall, contributes to enhance the luxurious appearance of the product.


Ultra-thin display stands out majestically like a work of art

A next generation processor for the LG OLED48CX5LC / LB / LA

The true potential of these TVs from LG we find it in your 3rd generation α9 4K intelligent processor. It is the most technologically advanced of the company, and has the almost unlimited resources of the artificial intelligence based on Deep learning. The processor uses image and sound processing algorithms based on the deep learning, so that the contents that are being watched are constantly analyzed and processed in order to always reproduce the best audiovisual experience. Furthermore, with its ThinQ Artificial Intelligence, these televisions become the control and monitoring center of all the smart appliances that we connect to the system. Either through the natural speech recognition or with the remote control, we will easily manage the home ecosystem. Besides, the LG OLED48CX6LA, LG OLED48CX6LB and LG OLED48CX5LC, have integrated the Google Assistant and Alexa, and are compatible with Apple HomeKit.


Next-generation processor with Artificial Intelligence based on Deep Learning

Exceptional connectivity and the best gaming experience

Both in reference LG OLED48CX6LA, like the one finished in LB or LC, the more advanced connection options are included. They are televisions with a great wireless system made up of Wi-Fi ac and the standard Bluetooth 5.0, which is complemented by four HDMI 2.1 ports, and three USB ports 2D, the latter, ideal for playing content from external storage units or recording what is played on the screen.


Maximum refreshment to enjoy fast images with all the sharpness, fluidity and without trails

In addition, they are exceptional displays for fans of consoles and computers. The gamers have in these LG OLED48CX6 from monitor technology for video games. That includes support compatible with NVIDIA G-SYNC, which makes all computer games sharper and smoother, eliminating jerks, lag or flickering. They offer a Input Lag Low and a fast response time of 1 ms, so it is played with a lot less blur and one far superior sharpness.

A super advanced SmartTV

The references LG OLED48CX6LA, LG OLED48CX6LB and LG OLED48CX5LC come standard with the latest version of the operating system of SmartTV from LG: WebOS 5.0. Exclusive to this brand, it includes a large number of Applications and the last services of streaming so that the user can have all the current sources of entertainment. Additionally, televisions include free channels and video on demand via LG Channels, with technology XUMO. Here they can be found full movies and the 50 channels most popular Internet and TV, for free and by pressing a simple button.


With LG Channels we have free channels and video on demand

Availability and price of the LG OLED48CX6LA / LG OLED48CX6LB / LG OLED48CX5LC


OLED48CX6LA, OLED48CX6LB or OLED48CX5LC, a sure guarantee of a spectacular TV

You can find the LG OLED48CX6LA, LG OLED48CX6LB and LG OLED48CX5LC at the best prices in the following links.


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