Bluetooth audio emitters, learn to enjoy sound without cables

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In this case we are going to come to your aid and we are going to focus on trying to clarify what andbluetooth audio misores, what are they for, what types are there and how we can choose the best one for our specific case.

And we have decided because in many of our articles or reviews we receive numerous inquiries about how to connect our headphones to the television when it does not have an audio output or even a bluetooth connection.

What are these devices?

We must know how to differentiate the various bluetooth devices

Currently, and every day more, our day to day fills up with electronic devices and diverse content streaming (in the cloud) or stored on these same devices that we want to reproduce in the most comfortable way possible.

This convenience goes through, in addition to an internet connection where music is accessed from the cloud, avoiding the use of the fewest cables possible.

We must not go very far back in time when to listen to our favorite artist we had to go with the CD from the CD player to the stereo or the home cinema.

But today it is not enough for us only to avoid that physical transport of the content but we want it to reach our ears through the air, without the use of cables. This is where these bluetooth devices come in to make things easier for us.

But what differences are there between bluetooth audio receivers and transmitters?

It is very common to get confused with what kind of bluetooth device we need. For this it is necessary to stop and think and know very well what it is what we need now and even what use we will give it in the future not too far away.

For example, there are many cases in which, just as we send content from our mobile to our television via Wi-Fi, we would like to do the same with our home cinema system.

This type of device only plays what is broadcast on television, the content of apps such as Netflix, DVDs, Blu-ray or USB and radio at most. As well The same happens with our portable player or radio CD player or even cassettes with mini-jack input.

In this type of case we will need bluetooth sound receivers. This way, all the content that we send with the bluetooth of our mobile would be received, for example, to be played through the speakers of that home cinema or that CD player.

Bluetooth audio transmitters, that great forgotten

Bluetooth audio transmitters

How bluetooth audio transmitters work

And forgotten are when, when choosing the bluetooth device we need, we will choose the content receivers when the use that we are going to give it it is quite the opposite. For example, what happens when we have a brand new bluetooth headset that we use with our, also brand new, smartphone?

What happens when we want to get more out of it and we also want to listen to our television with them and finally throw out the other headphones with meters of cable that cross the room? In this case it is the television that must send the content to the headset. But what if our TV does not have a wireless connection?

In this case, the bluetooth audio transmitter comes into play. The television through its physical audio output connections can use this type of device to wirelessly transmit all audio.

And if I had everything, better, right?

Well yes, if we are not clear that we are going to give it only one type of use. We could use the so-called ebluetooth or hybrid receivers / receivers. With them we will have the versatility of being able to use them in various devices with different needs.

Some with a simple button or tab they will allow us to go from one type of connectivity to another. With this we can use it on our smart TV or portable game console in transmitter mode and then we can connect it to the home cinema or car radio in receiver mode.

Some bluetooth devices as an example

If we have to quote you some let’s start with the issuers. With this you can get an idea of ​​its functions, size and price since they will be accompanied by your purchase link.

Unotec Airpush Bluetooth Emitter:

Avantree CLASS 1:

Google Chromecast Audio:

Once we have seen the transmitters that are widely used in televisions and portable game consoles, we will give you examples of bluetooth audio transmitters or transmitters. Without a doubt the one with the most name (although it is not always taken into account) is the Chromecast Audio by Google.

Mpow Bluetooth:

Other lower priced and good brand is the next one we present to you. It has numerous highly rated sales at our trusted dealer Amazon.

TaoTronics Jack Bluetooth Adapter:

And if what interests you are the senders / receivers or hybrid audio bluetooth devices below you can browse some. With this type of device you will have everything a 2 in 1 to use in any type of case.

https://www.<a class="wpil_keyword_link" href="" title="youtube" data-wpil-keyword-link="linked">youtube</a>.com/watch?v=gVLUyrzDCig

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