Sharp 49CUF8462ES, 4K and Harman Kardon Sound

Sharp 49cuf8462es.png
Sharp 49cuf8462es.png

Today we will review the Sharp 49CUF8462ES, a high-end TV from Sharp that brings us very good features such as 4K resolution and bluetooth connection among other. The first thing we are going to do when analyzing it is to look at the table of technical characteristics, which will allow us to take a quick look at it.

Sharp 49CUF8462ES technical characteristics

Make model Sharp 49CUF8462ES
Size 49 inch
Resolution 4K
Relationship 16: 9
Frequency 600
Backlighting LED
Smart tv Yes
Integrated Wifi Yes
3D No
USB Recorder Yes
Tuner DVB-T / T2 / DVB-S2 / DVB-C
Sound 20 w
Dimensions without stand (W x H x D) 1098.5 x 845.4 x 68.7
Dimensions with stand (Width x Height x Depth) 1098.5 x 686.2 x 229.5
Weight (without / with stand) 15.1
VESA compatibility Yes
HDMI ports 3
USB ports 3
Other connectors Bluetooth, 1 AV, 1 Component, 1 Digital Audio Out, 1 Ethernet, 1 Headphone Out
CI + integrated Yes
Energy class TO
Contents / accessories Power cord Operating instructions Remote control Batteries Desktop stand

The high-end is a good way to classify the Sharp 49CUF8462ES, as having 4K and other features like good connectivity allow us to rate it this way. Now that we have seen the TV in a general way, it is time to see it a little more deeply, with a personalized analysis of each part.

Exterior design and connectivity

The Sharp 49CUF8462ES has a design that at first glance has made a very good impression on us without a doubt. First, we have a silver color, which is usually more elegant than the classic piano black. Second, we have a very thin frame, which will allow us to have a much cleaner and more aesthetic design. Finally, we will have an ultra-thin television also in its depth, resulting in a design that has nothing to envy to other televisions in this range.

Sharp 49CUF8462ES design

In terms of weight, we have a 15-kilo television, the standard weight for this size of television. Though 15 kilos are already noticeable, we will be able to easily place the TV on a VESA mount, provided we have the help of a friend of course. We will also be able to take it with relative ease in removals, something more important than it seems. The support of the Sharp 49CUF8462ES is similar to the design of the television, adapting perfectly to it.

The connectivity of the Sharp 49CUF8462ES is very, very good, since We will have 3 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, 1 component port and an AV port as most important ports. As for wireless connectivity, we will have a Wi-Fi connection as usual and a Bluetooth connection, which will allow you to connect both USB peripherals and wireless headphones.

As for its television tuners, we will have all the existing ones to date, that is,with a standard DTT tuner and a DTT2 tuner. These tuners can be used both by cable, by antenna or by satellite, allowing us to watch television in any of the three chosen ways. The DTT2 standard is not yet in our country, however, it will not take long, bringing with it a better resolution and a higher overall quality of content.

Image quality and other functions

The Sharp 49CUF8462ES has a resolution in 4K, also known as Ultra HD. This resolution it is much deeper and higher quality than Full HD, a resolution that is already lagging behind over time. In addition, in 49 inches the 4K is not even painted, since it is the ideal size for this pixel density, so it has certainly been a wise decision.

Sharp 49CUF8462ES picture

Sharp 49CUF8462ES picture

As for its fluidity, we will have 600 hertz of screen refreshment, a fairly large number of hertzeven for a high-end TV. Of course, remember that we always talk about interpolated hertz, not real hertz of the panel, which are much less. These 600 interpolated hertz allow a great fluidity in the image, without noise or slowdowns, allowing us to play video games at a good amount of FPS.

If we look at the other functions of the Sharp 49CUF8462ES, we are going to have to highlight the two functions related to USB, that is, the file player and the DTT recorder. The first of all allows you to play files of all kinds, both music, photos and even video, allowing you to have a true multimedia center on your television. The second is a programmable television program recorder, which will allow us to watch any television program at the time that we most want.

Software, sound and other features

The Sharp 49CUF8462ES has of course high-quality Smart TV functions, which they will allow us to take full advantage of the potential of the television. This includes the installation of popular applications such as Youtube, Skype or Netlflix or the inclusion of connectivity with our Smartphone, allowing us to easily connect to the television, both to transfer files in real time, and to view the mobile screen directly on the television.

Sharp 49CUF8462ES harman kardon

Sharp 49CUF8462ES harman kardon

Regarding the sound power, we will have 20 watts, but not a standard 20 watts, instead we will have sound technology designed by Harman Kardon. These two names always sound the highest quality sound on TV, as they are capable of achieving surround sound, making the most of every watt without a doubt.

The energy efficiency of the Sharp 49CUF8462ES it’s an A, undoubtedly a good classification that will allow us to have a low light consumption in relation to its performance. With the price of electricity, we increasingly value that the television is efficient, since a low cost of electricity will allow us not to have to worry about increases in the electricity bill.

In conclusion, the Sharp 49CUF8462ES it’s a good high-end tv, which has little to envy the greats. In addition, we will be able to buy it at a very competitive price, demonstrating that you can obtain a high-end range without making a large outlay.

Where to buy the Sharp 49CUF8462ES?

49CUF8462ES TV: Pros and Cons Table

  • Connectivity and DTT2
  • 4K
  • Price
  • Design
  • Does not have HDR
8.1 Total score

Picture quality
System / Smart Tv
Price / quality ratio


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