Panasonic SC-HTB250, simple and beautiful sound bar

Panasonic Sc Htb250por E1538897831429.jpg
Panasonic Sc Htb250por E1538897831429.jpg

Panasonic SC-HTB250 is a simple sound bar that more than meets the expectations of those users who want to give a little boost to the quality and sound power of their television while having a device to play music while spending the minimum.

Technical characteristics of the Panasonic SC-HTB250

Make model Panasonic SC-HTB250 – Panasonic SC-HTB250EGK
Bar / Subwoofer Dimensions 450 x 51 x 135mm / 97 x 451 x 307mm
Bar / Subwoofer Weight 1.6 kg / 4.4 kg
Colour Black
Power 120 W 2.1 ch
Physical connections
  • Audio input
  • Optical input
  • 1 USB 2.0
Wireless connection
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • Main sound bar
  • I send
  • Setup guide and instructions

Exterior design of the Panasonic SC-HTB250

This model is a set of sound bar and subwoofer, contained in the same package.

The first is a real beauty. It is not a bar to use. Its measurements make it something different, because more than a thin, thin and long device, it is a compact object, with shape and presence. Overall it brings a great deal of elegance, especially when considering its fully rounded corners and overall finish.

This one is black in color, weighs only 1.6 kg and measures 450 x 51 x 135 mm.

On the back we find the connections and on one of its sides, the control commands.

Here are the buttons and we also see the detail of the speaker mesh

The front is completely covered by a delicate and precious mesh to safeguard the speakers.

On the other hand we have the subwoofer. Here I have to say that the design is completely patchy since I do not consider, at all, that it integrates with the bar, being much more basic and completely lacking in elegance. It is a device to use with conventional finishes, not of poor quality, but which are far from being visually similar to those of the bar. Is this bad? Obviously, the objective of buying a sound bar is to enjoy good audio, I consider that the aesthetics, and more of the subwoofer, is something totally secondary.

Be that as it may, it measures 97 x 451 x 307 mm and can be placed both standing up and lying down, always according to your taste and the opportunities of the room where it is located. It weighs 4.4 kg.

This can be connected to the bar both wirelessly and wired.

Here we see the set, not too successful, of bar and subwoofer

Here we see the set, not too successful, of bar and subwoofer

Finally, indicate that, although it does not have to be the case, the firm has designed this bar with the idea of ​​being used in combination with Panasonic televisions. In fact, its compact measurements were chosen so that the device fits comfortably between the support legs of the TVs, being especially suitable for a 40-inch one. As we say, this is all a manufacturer’s suggestion, do not be conditioned by it!

Sound of this bar

The sound bar of Panasonic it has a power of 80 W. These are divided into two one-way speakers, which measure 10 x 4 cm and reinforce the bass using a bass reflector system.

This is how the speakers are formed inside the bar

This is how the speakers are formed inside the bar

For its part, the amplifier, which is the subwoofer and works in 2.1 channels, has an additional 40 W of RMS power, giving a total of 120 W for the set. This works at 6 ohms, 1 kHz and at 10% THD. The loudspeaker is one-way, measures 14 cm and works the bass in the same way as the bar.

It decodes in Dolby Digital and also in DTS, offering even DTS Digital surround sound.

That said, it is worth noting that it has some audio enhancement options with are:

  • Virtual Surround: Surround is created with Virtual Surround, a well known, tried and trusted system. The listening space fills up completely and you don’t feel like the audio “attacks” you from one place but rather “embraces” you from all around you.
  • Sound modes: We have three modes to choose from: standard, cinema and music. The audio values ​​will be finely adjusted according to the chosen mode, obtaining the best results every time.
  • Subwoofer level adjustment: Not much of a mystery. The subwoofer is self-adjusting to deliver clean sound without distortion and without imbalance.

The fact that both speakers have been chosen to be full range means that the acoustics are crisp, very balanced, and the power is amplified as a result of that balance.

Panasonic SC-HTB250 connectivity and consumption

This device has an HDMI input with ARC and CEC, although these options can only be enjoyed when the input from the TV (or other connected device) is also.

In addition, it has a USB 2.0 port to which you can connect any type of external memory to play the music you have saved. It will also be necessary to update the firmware of the bar. You can use it to charge your devices, although you should know that it has no conversion and works at 500 mA.

We do not forget the optical digital audio input.

Back with connectors

Back with connectors

The bluetooth is a 2.1 + EDR class 2. It works with SBC and has the function of bluetooth on standby and multi-connection of up to 8 devices.

Beyond this type of connection, knowing that the device is compatible with streaming music content, being able to launch it from both Android and iOS. Getting it is easy and you do it wirelessly if you have bluetooth. You just have to previously download the Music Streaming app from the official Play Store and App Store applications.

The energy consumption of the bar is very moderate, being 15 W for normal use, 0.5 W when it is in standby mode, 2 W when it is the bluetooth that is in this mode and when it is network standby, the consumption is variable but always less than 2 W.

Panasonic SC-HTB250 Accessories

On this occasion, the bar does not have any accessories other than its remote control and the instructions and configuration booklet.

Our conclusion on the Panasonic SC-HTB250EGK

Panasonic SC-HTB250 is obviously not the most powerful bar on the market. Due to its characteristics and results, I could advise it to improve the audio of a normal television (20 W or 40 W without enhancement systems). It is also a great option to use as a stereo thanks to its connectivity.

However, as we say, it is not a brutal device. If you are looking to emulate a home theater or have HiFi quality, this is not your model. If you want something more conventional, go ahead! Obviously, for this price you can’t ask for more.

Availability and price of Panasonic SC-HTB250EGK

Panasonic SC-HTB250 Soundbar: Pros and Cons

  • There is a good quality price relation
  • Elegant main speaker design
  • Low audio power


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