Panasonic TX-24E200E, an HD Ready TV to put in the kitchen

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He Panasonic TX-24E200E is a small 24 ″ TV with HD Ready resolution, which comes in handy to have it in the kitchen, your bedroom or even in that small apartment you go to every weekend. The benefits are very basic, but for the use that we have indicated above we have plenty.

Technical characteristics of the Panasonic TX-24E200E

Make model Panasonic TX-24E200E
Size 60.96 cm / 24 “
Resolution HD Ready (1366 × 768 pixels)
Aspect ratio 16: 9
Motion interpolation frequency 200 Hz
Backlighting Led
Smart tv No
Integrated Wifi No
Bluetooth No
3D No
USB Recorder
  • Analogical
  • DVB-C, DVB-T
Sound 2 speakers – 5W RMS
Dimensions without stand (Height x Width x Depth) 554 x 336 x 36 (min) / 62 (max) mm
Dimensions with stand (Height x Width x Depth) 554 x 372 x 110 mm
Weight (Without / With stand) 4 kg / 5 kg
VESA compatibility No
HDMI ports 2, v. 1.4
USB ports 1, v. 2.0
Other connectors
  • Audio output
  • Component Video input (YPbPr / YCbCr)
  • Coaxial output
  • Scart
CI + Integrated
Energy Class
Contents / Accessories

Exterior design

Externally the Panasonic TX-24E200 It seems very simple, in fact it could easily pass through a monitor to accompany any computer, instead of a TV. It is made entirely of plastic and it shows off a striking satin black color, which is the highlight of the design.

The Panasonic TX-24E200 sports a striking satin black color, which is the highlight of the design.

The frames of the Panasonic TX-24E200E they are not excessively thick. In fact they are within the standards for this range. Regarding the lower bezel, it must be said that it is somewhat wider so that the name of the Japanese manufacturer can be highlighted. This display with the included base measures 554 x 372 x 110 mm and weighs only 5 kilos. With these figures it is quite light, so if at any time we need to change the room, it will not be a problem.

The base of this Panasonic TX-24E200 television is presented in the shape of an arc, matching the screen. It’s a shame that this TV does not include VESA compatibilityAlthough considering how small it is, it is a minor “detail”. And for the price it has, you can’t ask for more.


Regarding the connectivity of this Panasonic TV, comment that it is limited. It integrates two HDMI 1.4 connectors, a USB 2.0 port, a component video input (YpbPr / YCbCr), the typical video output and a scart for analog devices. It’s a shame that it lacks Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. his USB Media Player It will allow you to play files (videos, images or music) that you have stored on compatible devices. So you can play them directly on the screen of this television.

This television tunes in analog, DVB-C and DVB-T.

Panasonic TX-24E200E, connectivity

The connectivity of this Panasonic TV is limited.

Sound of the Panasonic TX-24E200

In the audio section, it should be noted that The Panasonic TX-24E200E has a pair of speakers whose power is 5 W. Although it is very little, for this type of television it may be enough. In addition, this sound equipment boasts of having a 5 band equalizer.

Image quality and general functions of the Panasonic TX-24E200

This screen has a size of 24 inches, which corresponds to a diagonal of 60.96 cm. Its resolution is 1,366 x 768 pixels in HD Ready high definition format. It is a European label that guarantees that this TV follows the EICTA (European Information & Communications Technology Industry Association) regulations.

In order to comply with this certificate, it is essential that the television ensure a resolution of at least 720 vertical lines. It also has to come equipped with an input for high definition through an analog component video connection and a digital one, which can be DVI or HDMI (which has support for HDCP). Therefore, the Panasonic TX-24E200 meets all these requirements.

On the other hand, the native aspect ratio is 16: 9, which is the most conventional format. While the refresh rate reaches 200 Hz. This translates into images with vivid colors, deep blacks and a good level of contrast.

Software / SmartTV review and other notable features

The Panasonic TX-24E200 does not come prepared to perform Smart TV functions, although it does include the so-called Hotel mode which allows you to make a setting on the TV according to certain locations. For example, you can define the maximum volume allowed, so if we try to increase the volume of the device we will never reach the maximum.

Also has teletext function with hypertext of up to 1000 words. Parents can relax with this TV thanks to the Parental control. With this system you will have the possibility to block access to certain channels with a password.

With the Extended PVR system you will have the possibility to record and store both movies and television programs. You just have to connect an external hard drive to the USB port and choose the content you want to save.

Panasonic TX-24E200E, Extended PVR system

Thanks to the Extended PVR system, with this Panasonic TX-24E200 you will have the possibility to record and store both movies and television programs.

If your budget allows it and you like large screens, another interesting option is the Panasonic TX-49ES400. This entry-level 49-inch comes with a 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD) Bright LED LCD panel.

Availability and price of the Panasonic TX-24E200E

  • USB Media Player
  • Includes Extended PVR system
  • Parental control
  • Price
  • Very basic features
3.4 Total score

5.8Expert score
Picture quality
Price / quality ratio
1User rating
Picture quality
Price / quality ratio


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