Panasonic TX-32C200E, 32-inch HD

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We now analyze this Panasonic TX-32C200E. An entry-level monitor that stands out for its not bad price-quality ratio and HD image quality and connectivity that are fair for its range. To be able to check if this model is the one you need in that corner of your home, do not lose detail of this review that as always in Smartxtv we elaborate as complete as possible so that you can get rid of doubts and decide with total clarity if it is this model you need according your needs or demands.

Technical characteristics of the Panasonic TX-32C200E

Now we give you first of all the table with all the characteristics and technical specifications of the model so that you can see in detail everything about this Panasonic TX-32C200E. Check if it fits to the millimeter what you are looking for. Let’s see…

Make model Panasonic TX-32C200E
Size 32 (81 cm)
Resolution HD Ready (1280 x 720p)
Aspect ratio 16: 9
Frequency 200 Hz RMR
Backlighting Led
Smart tv No
Integrated Wifi No
Bluetooth No
3D No
USB Recorder No
  • Analogical,
  • DVB-T
Sound 12 W (2 ch)
Dimensions without stand (Height x Width x Depth) 438 x 735 x 89 mm
Dimensions with stand (Height x Width x Depth) 495 x 735 x 197 mm
Weight (Without / With stand) 5 kg / 5.5 kg
VESA compatibility Yes
HDMI ports 2
USB ports 1
Other connectors
  • VGA,
  • scart,
  • compound,
  • headphone output
CI + Integrated Yes
Energy Class Category A + (31 W)
Contents / Accessories
  • Remote control,
  • batteries,
  • power cord,
  • user’s Guide

Design and connectivity of the Panasonic TX-32C200E

Design of the Panasonic TX-32C200E

We have to analyze the design of this Panasonic TX-32C200E and we must inform you that you did not get married to find a modern design or even so innovative; we have some fair thick edges (neither wide nor thin) that are thinner on the sides and in the upper frame but somewhat wider in its lower frame where it appears as a frame superimposed on another less in its central part that merges to a single edge where it collects inside the manufacturer logo Panasonic. Just below the brand logo a small rectangle sticks out housing the IR receiver and status LEDs. The entire design is black including its bases that in the shape of a boomerang they hold the panel at its vertex and its position is somewhat more open at the outer ends of the design.

The only shabby thing is that if the plastic design already gives a poor quality impression, then if we also appreciate the mesh-shaped filling under the bases without a cover to cover that filling, the truth is something wrong if we look at it right from the front. With nothing that we have a little lower, nothing will be appreciated, everything is said in passing. It is 32 inches and has measurements of 438 x 735 x 89 mm without bases (If you want to hang it, you can do it thanks to its VESA) and measurements of 495 x 735 x 197mm including bases. All this with just 5 kg weight without bases and half a kilo more if we add the supports or legs.

As it is not a smart TV, it does not have any wireless connectivity such as Wifi, Bluetooth or LAN for example. In physical connectivity we are somewhat fair even though it is a basic range with only a USB that plays only (does not record), 2 HDMI (with which we will have to sort out the high definition equipment that we want to connect), Vga in case we want to connect our computer and use it as a monitor, Scart, composite video input and headphone output. Tuners, yes, we have few and not prepared for the next DTT2 that will soon enter our country. It only has analogue tuner and normal DTT (which we can enjoy now) so if we want a television that is compatible with future technologies in terms of DTT this seems to be a bad investment.

Image quality and general functions

Panasonic TX-32C200E

Image on the Panasonic TX-32C200E

The panel of this Panasonic TX-32C200E is of 32 inches or 81 centimeters in diameter of size LED backlit with an aspect ratio of 16: 9. We have a quality 1280 x 720 HD Ready pixels with what we do not get to Full HD to see content in that amount. We also have 200 Hz refresh rate; This helps the image and the processor that treats it to include frames and foresee movements so that the image does not vibrate or shake, thus obtaining a visual rest, a natural movement and less presence of tremors in any image with any type of movement . We have all this with a consumption of only 31W achieving a very good energy rating of only A +.

If we talk about sound we have to say that we have two channels with a total power of only 12W power. For 32 inches this limited number of watts can have an effect on not seeing poor sound quality but a lack of power. In fact, a television of this size is designed or mostly installed in small rooms, kitchens, waiting rooms, offices in the form of an information panel … but if it is for another room of other larger measures, if you are going to fall short having to go to the help of a sound bar, home cinema … for example.

You have to take into account the use you can give this Panasonic TX-32C200E. It is a basic television and for that use it has to be had. It can be used to watch “Saber Vivir” or Arguiñano in the kitchen while you are busy or in your office passing informative images or in the children’s room, children who are not demanding of Full HD content or plug in any video console yet since you they can attract attention.

Where to buy the Panasonic TX-32C200E?

TV TX-32C200E: Pros and Cons

  • A + energy efficiency
  • Price / quality ratio
  • Improvable sound
  • Poor connectivity
  • Without DTT2
5.9 Total score


Picture quality
Price / quality ratio


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