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SAMSUNG HW-4501 / ZF, ambitious and mid-priced acoustic bar

SAMSUNG HW-4501 / ZF, ambitious and mid-priced acoustic bar
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Technology advances by leaps and bounds with the aim of offering the best user experience. Well, when it comes to offering that optimal experience, sound has a lot to do with it, that is why today we are talking about the SAMSUNG HW-4501 / ZF. In the soundbar industry, companies around the world are trying to develop the device that offers the most intense surround feeling. And, when it comes to watching certain content such as an action movie, sound is one of the most important factors to enjoy them to the fullest.

At present, Samsung is one of the most important technology companies in the world. The South Korean company covers all market segments, offering from very inexpensive sound bars to other top of the range. Specifically, the Samsung HW-M4501 / ZF soundbar is a high-mid-range device specially designed to surround you with sound.

Technical characteristics of the SAMSUNG HW-4501

Make model SAMSUNG HW-4501 / ZF
Bar / Subwoofer Dimensions 1078 x 47.5 x 129/179 x 353 x 299.5
Bar / Subwoofer Weight 2.7 kg / 4.6 kg
Colour Silver
Power 260 W
Physical connections
  • HDMI input / output
  • Optical input
  • 1 USB
  • Audio input
Wireless connection
  • Bluetooth / Power On
  • Auto PowerLink
  • Anynet +
Decoding formats AAC, MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, WMA
  • Main sound bar
  • Subwoofer
  • Wall bracket
  • Optical cable
  • I send
  • Batteries
  • Guide

SAMSUNG HW-4501 / ZF exterior design

We appreciate the details and quality of the materials of this curved bar

The design of the Samsung HW-M4501 / ZFes soundbar modern in style, with a very elegant look that I love. These types of devices are installed the vast majority of times with current televisions, which also have a modern design, so they combine wonderfully.

The sound bar has a curved design and is silver and dark gray in color for your trellis; in addition, it is not too high, which is a plus to take into account to be able to put it, for example, under the television without taking up too much space. It measures 1,078mm wide, 47.5mm high and 129mm thick. The weight is 2.7 kilos.

The sound bar it has all the connections on its back, so it is very beautiful since no cable comes out either from the front or from any of the sides.

Along with the sound bar a wireless subwoofer is included. Like the center speaker, it is also silver in color. It is 179mm wide, 353mm tall, and 299.5mm thick. It has a weight of 4.6 kg.

The subwoofer is modern and eye-catching

The subwoofer is modern and eye-catching

SAMSUNG HW-4501 / ZF Sound

We are going to analyze the sound of this sound bar, the most important factor to take into account when making the purchase decision. With 260 W of power and 2.1 Ch, it has a digital amplifier and the speaker frequency response is 45 Hz-20 KHz. Has audio technology Dolby Digital 2ch, which provides a spectacular sound, with a super enveloping feeling.

  • Crystal Amplifier: A Samsung patented system to control jumps in volume. In this way, you avoid having to watch the remote all the time to adjust the volume depending on the content you are watching. For example, if it is an action movie, you will not have to lower it when explosions are heard or raise it when there is dialogue.
  • Surround Sound Expansion mode: If the immersive feeling provided by the Samsung soundbar audio system is not enough for you, you can place the wireless subwoofer where you want and let the sound surround you. You will notice through the sound that everything that happens on the television screen is happening in your living room.

The device decodes in AAC, MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC and WMA.

In terms of sound, I think it is one of the best bars on the market right now in relation to its price. It offers a virtual sound of the most immersive that manages to catch you. In this way, you will fully enjoy a much more real and immersive sound experience.

SAMSUNG HW-4501 / ZF Connectivity

In terms of connectivity, I think the Samsung HW-M4501 soundbar is quite complete. It has Bluetooth, so you can connect your mobile device or your PC to it and thus be able to enjoy music with the best quality and without using cables. It also has a HDMI port, It also has a USB port, 1 audio input, 1 optical input, as well as AnyNet +, Bluetooth Power On and Auto Power Link functions.

On the back you can see the connectors

On the back you can see the connectors

Also, you can download the application Samsung Audio Remote which allows you to control the soundbar from your Samsung phone or tablet. You can control the volume, set the song repeat …


In the box soundbar, wireless subwoofer, remote, wall mount, batteries and instruction book included.

The bar is complemented by subwoofer and remote control

The bar is complemented by subwoofer and remote control

If you want an even more immersive sound experience, for example, to fully enjoy the sound of shots in an action movie, this is very easy to achieve. You simply have to place the sound bar just below the TV and the wireless speaker right next to it. Then you can add a pair of speakers to either side of the sofa. In this way, you will be able to introduce yourself audiovisually in the content you are watching; the immersive experience will be the most intense, very well achieved.

Our conclusion

If you have a good TV and want to enjoy the content to the fullest, a sound bar like this is highly recommended. If I had to put one downside to the Samsung HW-M4501 / ZF it is that it is a curved sound bar; Therefore, if your television is a flat screen, both elements may not be very well integrated into the space. In the same way, many clients are lost, although, well, that’s what its flat version is for.

For the rest, both in terms of design and features, I think the Samsung HW-M4501 / ZF is a very good option to consider, one of the best in its mid-upper range.

Availability and price of SAMSUNG HW-4501 / ZF

SAMSUNG HW-4501 / ZF Soundbar: Pros and Cons

  • No distortion cancellation system
  • No HDMI cable



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