SAMSUNG HW-J551, style and sound in UPPER CASE


How many and how many times have we heard or read here on Smartxtv for example, more than one and more than two times (and even more than three …) than today’s Smart TVs unless we find a model of the more or almost higher range are not endowed with a sufficient amount of Watts of power (although afterwards the sound quality is excellent or very decent). The rest of the high-end and other mid-range and low-end needs a complement to increase to a sufficient power for our great room or simply to be in accordance with the number of inches of our brand new television. Luckily today we analyze the SAMSUNG HW-J551, a soundbar with subwoofer that in addition to giving you the creeps you will show off your design at home with it. Do not lose detail of this review to know if it is the soundbar you need or if you have to go to the next one.

SAMSUNG HW-J551 layout

SAMSUNG HW-J551 Soundbar Design in Both Colors

The design of this SAMSUNG HW-J551 is in the form of rectangular cylinder with rounded edges and we can get it in two different colors or tones: silver or black. In both colors the ends are covered with a “cover ”in smooth and shiny metal color and the rest we already have it in gray or black, the plastic back and the black metal top and front or silver depending on the choice we have made. In the center of the bar we will find control buttons (although we can control it with a remote control or the same mobile via app) for example the on / off, volume and input mode. In the upper left corner we find the complete Samsung brand logo in silver.


SAMSUNG HW-J551 Black Subwoofer

If we talk about the subwoofer, we have had serious doubts when choosing the photo above about which one is more beautiful and elegant; if the silver gray or the black. As you can see how the rest of the design of the SAMSUNG HW-J551 are classic lines but with small touches that give it an elegance sometimes very difficult to get. In the middle near the right edge of the front design of the box we have the logo of the brand and almost in the upper left corner two LEDs that will inform us if the equipment is on standby or on.

Sound quality and connectivity


SAMSUNG HW-J551 Surround Sound Expansion

Regarding sound quality, Samsung promises with this HW-J551 bar to increase optimal hearing by raising the power of the TV to the level of the screen size so that you have the feeling that the sound is coming out of the Smart TV and thus we gain a more realistic and immersive sound experience. All this thanks to a system of sound 2.1 Ch and with nothing more and nothing less than 230W power with the invaluable help of a 7 inch wireless subwoofer that ensures a living room or TV table free of annoying cables to hide. This SAMSUNG HW-J551 it consumes, yes, about 53W in total (25W the bar and 28W the subwoofer).


SAMSUNG HW-J551 connectors

Regarding physical connectivity, we have input HDMI, USB, optical audio input and Bluetooth. With this bluetooth you can connect this magnificent sound bar to your Samsung Smart TV (eye, not all) thanks to the function Tv Sound Connect With what you will not need to connect it with any type of cable to your television, controlling it only with the same remote control as the television.


Using the Samsung Audio Remote app with the SAMSUNG HW-J551

Of course, it also offers the possibility from the mobile to control it thanks to the app Samsung Audio Remote and to the same bluetooth connection managing the basic functions such as power, volume or equalizers by choosing the mode among the 4 available (music, voice, sports or cinema). Also and finally note that this SAMSUNG HW-J551 can play files with format AAC, WAV, OGG, MP3, WMA or FLAC.

SAMSUNG HW-J551 Features

We finish with our table of technical characteristics so that you do not lose detail of this sound bar and know if it is the one you need or not …

Dimensions (speaker and subwoofer) 943.5 x 56 x 65.5 mm

452 x 335 x 154 mm

Weight (Speakers / Subwoofer) 1.7 Kg / 6.8 Kg
Colors Black and white
Material Plastic and wood
Sound system 2.1 Ch
Power 320W
Subwoofer Type Wireless
Subwoofer Size 7 ″
Other features
Decoding formats
  • ACC,
  • WAV,
  • OGG,
  • MP3,
  • WMA,
  • FLAC
Consumption (Speakers / Subwoofer) 25W / 28W
  • Bluetooth,
  • HDMI,
  • USB,
  • optical input
Box contents
  • Remote control,
  • optical cable,
  • wall mount,
  • Handbook


SAMSUNG HW-J551 Soundbar and Subwoofer Measurements

Availability and price of the SAMSUNG HW-J551

You can find this soundbar made in Samsung for around € 250 (maybe more) if you don’t get a decent offer or discount on numerous sites. We we recommend you here because it is the cheapest place we have found. Come in, pass the VISA and enjoy it! Of course, while you get home you can rate this review or simply give your opinion after trying it and so we can enrich much more the information that we have captured here.

HW-J551 Soundbar: Pros and Cons

  • Design in both silver and black
  • Wireless connection
  • Somewhat heavy subwoofer
8.5 Total score


Ideal to complement the lack of power of the speakers of your slimmer Smart TV.


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