SAMSUNG HW-K450, with 300W to enjoy


Do you want a powerful sound system at a good price? The SAMSUNG HW-K450 is the answer. We tell you all about her below.

Design of the SAMSUNG HW-K450

SAMSUNG HW-K450 Bar Design

This SAMSUNG HW-K450 soundbar is only available in black color. Compared to other models that we also have the silver color so as not to break the design of our particular smart tv, this unique design in terms of color will not disappoint us at all. With measures of 908.5 x 53.5 x 70.5 mm soundbar and 179 x 361 x 299.5 mm subwoofer have a weight of 2 Kg the bar and 4.6 Kg the box.

We have a sound bar with metallic mesh on its surface and front and extremities covered with brushed metal giving a more greyish tone (even slightly) to the black color that characterizes it. At its extreme right we can find (one for each corner) the tactile and raised buttons on controls volume up and down, on and off and audio input function to play.

In its upper left part, we find the logo of the South Korean manufacturer in silver, giving the highest contrast in terms of colors in the design. Also in his front and center will light up the acronym of the audio input that we select with the touch buttons or the volume and other settings.


SAMSUNG HW-K450 Subwoofer Layout

If we talk about the subwoofer we can define it as a somewhat narrow and tall 6.5 inch case where beyond a normal black wooden box design (such as the sound bar) it has a right side with a vertical brushed metal simile that gives a touch of distinction greater than if its design were equal to matte wood whatever it was its color. In its rear part we have the audio output and electrical current connector. A consumption that by the way is 27W for the soundbar and another 28W for this subwoofer.

Sound quality and connectivity


SAMSUNG HW-K450 Subwoofer Rear View

The sound quality offered by this SAMSUNG HW-K450 is very good reaching the 2.1 thanks to technology Surround Sound Expansion and even to 4.1 audio if we buy the pair of speakers and place them in the back (connected by cable to a device and to the current, yes) that although we are not talking about 100% wireless connectivity if we can have the bar independent with the subwoofer in front and the other two complementary speakers in the rear. With these speakers, a surround effect would be achieved in practice. And we say in practice because all manufacturers of sound bars and even televisions are going to sell us already a surround effect very caught with sticks that will never equal the effect 4.1 or higher with physical speakers on our side or back of the room.

We have a power of about 300W of sound that is going to be left over to complement our smart tv, whatever its power or dimensions in terms of inches. The decoding formats supported are the ACC, WAV, OGG, MP3, WMA and FLAC and if we talk about its connectivity we have HDMI, USB, separate audio input andof course Bluetooth.


Control the audio of your SAMSUNG HW-K450

And it is with bluetooth how we can squeeze more this soundbar. First of all, we will not need a cable if we connect our SAMSUNG HW-K450 soundbar directly by bluetooth to our compatible Samsung television using the function TV Sound Connect of the brand (eye, not in all its models).

In addition to this we can control our sound bar with our smartphone, and again the bluetooth, thanks to the app Samsung Audio Remote in which we will handle its basic functions such as equalizer and send songs directly from our device and also every time we send audio from our mobile, if for example, the bar is off just by sending and connecting the two devices and thanks to the Bluetooth Power On the soundbar will wake up and start playing the sound without having to manually turn it on thanks to that synchronization.

SAMSUNG HW-K450 Features

Here we give you a table with the most outstanding and complete features and specifications about this soundbar so that you know everything about this Samsung model to the millimeter.

Dimensions (speaker and subwoofer) 908.5 x 53.5 x 70.5 mm

179 x 361 x 299.5 mm

Weight (Speakers / Subwoofer) 2 Kg / 4.6 Kg
Colors Black
Material Metal and wood
Sound system 2.1 Ch
Power 300W
Subwoofer Type Wireless
Subwoofer Size 6.5 ″
Other features
Decoding formats
  • ACC,
  • WAV,
  • OGG,
  • MP3,
  • WMA,
  • FLAC
Consumption (Speakers / Subwoofer) 27W / 28W
  • Bluetooth,
  • HDMI,
  • USB,
  • audio input
Box contents
  • Remote control,
  • optical cable,
  • wall mount,
  • Handbook

Availability and price of the SAMSUNG HW-K450


Availability and price of the SAMSUNG HW-K450 bar

Does it convince you? Do you want it? Well, pay attention to the following links that we have selected for you so that you can find it in the best price conditions So that you can complement that Smart TV that you have at home that has been somewhat short in terms of sound or you simply want to have another surround sound effect in addition to simple power. Complement your TV with this elegant and modern Samsung sound bar and whether you do it or not, comment on what you think of this review and the product. Your opinion is very important to us.

HW-K450 Soundbar: Pros and Cons

  • Control from smartphone
  • Wireless connection
  • Unicolor design
7.5 Total score
Very good option

Like a glove to wirelessly supplement the watts of power your TV lacks.


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