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Samsung HW-K550, a traditional soundbar

Samsung HW-K550, a traditional soundbar
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With the great variety of sound bars that today can be found in stores, it is very common for manufacturers to seek to differentiate their products through functions, characteristics or even a design that draws the particular attention of a group of users. However, in the catalog of an industry leader like Samsung it is feasible to find an ideal option for all use: Samsung HW-K550.

Samsung HW-K550 is a mid-range soundbar It offers all the necessary specifications to enjoy better sound quality when viewing or listening to content on the television. Also, with a 330W power and their wireless networks it can also become the audio playback hub for other devices such as phones and tablets.

Samsung HW-K550 Features

Samsung HW-K550
Dimensions 1010.5 x 54 x 87.5mm (bar), 452 x 335 x 154mm (subwoofer)
Weight 2.6 kg (bar), 6.8 kg (subwoofer)
Colors Black
Power 330W
Ports HDMI input and output, USB, Analog input, Optical
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Supported audio Dolby 5.1ch, DTS 2ch
Energy consumption 25W
accessories Soundbar, Subwoofer, Power Adapter, Remote Control, Optical Cable, Wall Mount

Design that is committed to simplicity

Samsung HW-K550 does enjoy a great build

Particularly this type of equipment Samsung have in common some designs who do not want to be the protagonists of the analysis. And it does not particularly stand out for nothing after including a rectangular style in black for both the soundbar and the subwoofer. The latter looks like a simple box at first glance.

It is also worth clarifying that Samsung remains as usual with a choice of high-quality materials that demonstrate it at the first contact. The overall dimensions belong to 1010.5 x 54 x 87.5 mm for the bar and 452 x 335 x 154 mm for the speaker, while its weight remains at 2.6 kilograms and 6.8 kilograms respectively.

Regarding connectors that can be found in the rear area of ​​the device, there is no missing HDMI input and output, audio return channel (ARC), analog and optical audio input, and up to USB port to play music stored on an external storage disk.

Surround sound

Samsung HW-K550

Samsung HW-K550

When talking about the benefits of Samsung HW-K550 start with the guarantee of obtaining a multimedia experience with the HD sound realism, that is, with a large amount of detail very close to how its composers conceived it through standards of 192 kHz / 24-bit.

Also, thanks to the technology “Surround Sound Expansion”, The sound bar creates a virtual sound giving an enveloping sensation that captures the user from all sides of the room, even if the room and its subwoofer are located next to the television.

Finally, it should be mentioned that users looking for more power or a totally complete experience, can create a wireless sound system in the home that does not need annoying cable setups. And is that the device supports the connection with a pair of brand speakers to distribute them in other areas of the room to generate authentic 4.1 audio.

Wireless connectivity

Samsung HW-K550 is ideal for TVs of the same brand

Samsung HW-K550 is ideal for TVs of the same brand

In addition to what we indicated about the connection at a distance with other speakers, the soundbar Samsung HW-K550 also enables the use of Bluetooth via the function “TV SoundConnect”To not even require the HDMI port when associating with the television (it must be from the same South Korean firm).

On the other hand, just having a phone or tablet it is feasible to manage every single detail of the soundbar. Through the application “Samsung Audio Remote”And a Bluetooth connection, you can choose different sound modes, modify the parameters of its equalizer, choose the source from which the audio is played, and so on.

To end “Bluetooth Power On”Also allows turn the soundbar on or off from a mobile device (It is worth clarifying that it is also sold with a traditional remote control), while once paired it can automatically play any song or sound that is originally playing on the Smartphone.

Availability and price of Samsung HW-K550

  • Five audio modes depending on the type of content
  • Various wireless connection functions
  • Support for syncing with more speakers
  • Correct availability of ports
  • Unoriginal design
  • It does not have NFC or Wi-Fi


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