Samsung HW-M450 / ZF, 320W of power in a mid-range

Samsung M450zf Di.jpg
Samsung M450zf Di.jpg

In the middle of 2017, technology advances by leaps and bounds with the aim of offering users experiences that conquer all their senses. At present, television has become one of the most important elements of the home. It is no longer simply a matter of seeing the content that the different channels broadcast. Since the arrival of Smart TVs, users have also used their televisions as a computer and with mobile devices they can access their favorite applications, enjoy streaming video platforms … Thus, tHaving good image and sound quality on TV is essential. This second point is where sound bars come in, devices that are increasingly demanded by users and necessary in cases where television brands opt for other aspects, leaving the quality and power of sound a little side. The Samsung HW-M450 / ZF soundbar, which is the one we bring you today, is within the upper-middle range, showing a more than remarkable power.

Today, Samsung is one of the largest technology companies in the world. It has a very interesting line of sound bars that covers all needs; from the cheapest to the top of the range. The competition for the South Korean company is huge, but it continues to advance in this market.

Technical characteristics of the SAMSUNG M450 / ZF

Make model SAMSUNG M450 / ZF
Bar / Subwoofer Dimensions 908.5 x 53.5 x 70.5 / 200 x 392 x 378
Bar / Subwoofer Weight 2 kg / 7.2 kg
Colour Black
Power 320 W
Physical connections
  • HDMI input / output
  • Audio input
  • Optical input
  • 1 USB
Wireless connection
  • Bluetooth
  • Auto PowerLink
Decoding formats AAC, MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC and ALAC
  • Main sound bar
  • Subwoofer
  • Wall bracket
  • I send
  • Batteries

SAMSUNG M450 / ZF exterior design

The design of this Samsung HW-M450 soundbar is nice, although not too outstanding. Have a modern style that matches well with televisions with which these devices are usually used, without anything remarkable.

The sound bar is black. This one does not fail, although today there are many models that have at least two colors to choose from. In any case that depends on the tastes and preferences of each one. What we can observe With this detail is that we are faced with a device that is not top of the range, since it does not offer that possibility of free choice.

It has the Samsung logo embossed on the front. Let’s see your measurements. Width is 908.5mm and has a height of 53.5 mm; the thickness is 70.5mm. It’s a fairly wide soundbar, although the height is great. Its weight is 2 kg.

This is the subwoofer for the soundbar

All connections are housed in the rear of the SAMSUNG M450 sound bar, which is a great point in favor because you do not see any cables either on the front or on the sides, being able to hide them if we have the appropriate furniture.

This Samsung HW-M450 soundbar includes a subwoofer, also black and with the logo of the South Korean company in relief. This is 200mm wide, 392mm high and 378mm thick and weighs 7.2 kg. The appearance is very simple, more than that of the bar, not marrying too well, although always being very neutral in design.

Samsung HW-M450 / ZF Sound

The Samsung HW-M450 / ZF soundbar has a power of 320 W and 2.1 Ch in number of channels. With a total of 4 speakers, has a frequency range of 40Hz ~ 20KHz and the audio technology is Dolby Digital. With digital amplifier, it has 5 sound modes. It has the following technologies:

  • Crystal Amplifier: This is a Samsung patented system that I really like because it automatically controls the jumps in volume and adjusts them. This comes in handy when, for example, you are watching an action movie with car racing and dialogue; you avoid having to be aware of raising and lowering the volume in each scene.
  • Dolby Digital 2ch: A technology that incorporates this Samsung sound bar and that from my point of view is great because it provides a very enveloping sound sensation.

It has the following decoding formats: AAC, MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC and ALAC.

In general, at the audio level I think it is a soundbar that is worth it. With the main speaker and the subwoofer you can make all the content that appears on the screen seem like it is happening in your own living room thanks to the audio, which is well achieved.

Samsung HW-M450 / ZF Connectivity

Let’s go now with connectivity; the SAMSUNG M450 soundbar is pretty complete at this point too. Dispose of one HDMI input / output, one audio input, one optical input, Bluetooth connection, USB port and Auto Power Link.

We see the bare but enough connections at the rear

We see the bare but enough connections at the rear

In this way, you can connect your phone or tablet via Bluetooth with the sound bar and enjoy your favorite songs in extraordinary quality. You can also do it by connecting an external USB memory to the sound bar itself in which you have previously entered a list of songs; Ideal for a party!


Included in the box is main soundbar, subwoofer, wall mount, remote, and batteries.

You can pair the Samsung HW-M450 / ZF soundbar and subwoofer with a pair of companion speakers if you want to fully immerse yourself in the content you are watching. A worthwhile option with movies, for example, action, that require excellent sound to enjoy them. Thus, you can place the main speaker and the subwoofer under and next to the TV and on both sides of the sofa, the two extra speakers.

The bar is accompanied by a subwoofer and a remote

The bar is accompanied by a subwoofer and a remote

Our conclusion on the Samsung HW-M450

In conclusion, if you are looking for a remarkable audio experience, the Samsung HW-M450 / ZF soundbar is a fantastic option from my point of view, although there are better ones. A device from a well recognized brand such as Samsung and that, therefore, offers the maximum guarantee of quality. While it is true that most current televisions have very good audio technology, they do not reach the level of sound bars, so getting a somewhat inexpensive bar, as is the case, is an ideal option.

If you have to put any problem with this model, it is that it does not have any application that allows you to control the soundbar from your Samsung phone or tablet. Taking into account that it is a medium-high range device, it would not be bad if it included it.

Definitely, The SAMSUNG M450 / ZF sound bar is an option that I recommend if you are looking to improve the audio quality without reaching the maximum exquisiteness. You will enjoy much more all the content on television, especially certain series and movies.

Availability and price of Samsung HW-M450 / ZF

SAMSUNG M450 / ZF Soundbar: Pros and Cons

  • Very versatile design
  • Auto Power Link
  • No functionality for smartphone control


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