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Samsung HW-Q950T, the best possible surround sound experience

Samsung HW-Q950T, the best possible surround sound experience
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Sound is a fundamental part of an entertainment experience. In real scenarios, it comes to us from all directions even though we think it only comes from the point of origin. This is because the sound continues to bounce and reverberate once it passes us, which helps us to have a better spatial perception of its origin. Simulating this in a movie theater is relatively easy due to the size of the room and the placement of multiple horns at different vantage points, but achieving the same effect in your home may be more complex, at least so far. The top of the range is represented by the soundbar Samsung HW-Q950T, and today we will explain how it will make your audiovisual experience evolve.

Technical specifications of the Samsung HW-Q950T

Soundbar Size (Width x Height x Depth) 123.2 x 6.95 x 13.8 cm
Soundbar Weight 7.1 Kg
Subwoofer Size (W x H x D) 21.0 x 40.3 x 40.3 cm
Subwoofer Weight 9.8 Kg
Rear Horn Size (W x H x D) 12.0 x 21.0 x 14.1 cm
Rear horns weight 2.1 Kg
Colors Black
Maximum total output power 546 W
Sound technology Dolby ATMOS and DTS: X
Connections 2 x HDMI eARC inputs, 1 x HDMI output, 1 x Optical input
Wireless connectivity Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
Package content
  • 1 x Sound Bar
  • 1 x SubWoofer
  • 2 x Rear Speakers
  • Remote control
  • Wall bracket
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Cutting edge design

Good taste and state-of-the-art technology are present in the Samsung HW-Q950T / ZF. This Samsung device seeks to offer the best experience through a surround sound system that consists of multiple elements that are distributed in our rooms. The complete set is made up of the sound bar, a subwoofer and two rear speakers.

The Sound bar it has dimensions of 123.2 cm wide, 6.95 cm high and 13.8 cm deep, in addition to having a weight of 7.1 kg. In this are the vast majority of speakers, with which the sound emitted from the television can be amplified. To allow for ideal sound output, the apertured plastic construction is complemented by a textile mesh offered by Kvadrat, which gives it a premium and functional finish.

Sound bar design

To complement the frontal listening experience, a subwoofer whose box measures 21.0 cm wide and 40.3 m high and deep. This has a weight of 9.8 Kg, surpassing the sound bar. Its construction is more robust, and the audio output does not occur through the front of the box, but through the side, so that the speaker can be much larger to offer better bass. It also has textile finishes of Kvadrat.

SubWoofer Design

SubWoofer Design

The last elements of the set are two small rear wireless horns that allow the implementation of the system Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. These have dimensions of 12.0 cm wide, 21.0 cm high and 14.1 cm deep, and a lower weight of 2.1 kg each. Its design is more traditional with a front placement of the speakers, but these also allow audio to be output from the top to generate 3D sound. In the same way, it has an immaculate finish complemented by the textiles of Kvadrat.

Samsung HW-Q950T - Rear horns

Samsung HW-Q950T – Rear horns

All these elements are clear of visible ports and interfaces so as not to break their style. In the bar all the physical inputs are at the back, and it has a couple of LED indicators at the top to show its status. With regard to the speakers, these are limited to the power input on the back.

Features and Sound

Although its design is sublime, where the set of the Samsung HW-Q950T it is in its performance and sound quality. This is a powerful team of 546 W power with 9.1.4 channels; that is, it divides the high-pitched sounds between 9 different horns so that each one takes care of a track, which are complemented by a subwoofer specialized in bass sounds and the last 4 channels that are reproduced by the rear horns. All this set allows the implementation of surround sound technologies Dolby ATMOS and DTS: X. Each user will be able to choose at their convenience which one to use (depending on the content), since, while ATMOS offers greater compatibility with multimedia content, DTS: X allows more freedom in speaker placement.

Samsung HW-Q950T - 9.1.4 Channel Diagram

A true surround system uses the entire room as a box to reproduce the sound. The bar Samsung it achieves this through two mechanisms. The first are the rear horns, which emit the sound vertically so that it bounces off the ceiling and reaches the user creating a sensation of height. The second option is technology Q-Symphony, which allows the soundbar to take advantage of the TV’s built-in horns to create additional channels, rather than simply disabling them like most stereos.

The Samsung HW-Q950T has a couple of additional software tricks that will make it more convenient to use. With the adaptive sound feature, the bar will modify the audio settings to provide the best sound depending on the scene currently playing on the TV. In the same way, it includes a “Game Mode Pro”Specially designed for videogame-based configurations, which will be activated automatically when connecting consoles.


The connectivity section, without being the most impressive of the Samsung HW-Q950T / ZF, it is not short on options either. It has the necessary inputs to enjoy state-of-the-art televisions, computers, sound equipment and video game consoles without losing audio quality in the process, both wired and wireless.

Samsung HW-Q950T - One Remote

Its strong point at the wired level are the two HDMI inputs, which include technologies HDMI eARC and CEC. He HDMI eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) allows the transmission of digital audio between the soundbar and any other device in a bidirectional way, making the flow of information more faithful to the original sources. This makes it possible for video game consoles or Blu-ray players to take full advantage of the qualities of the Samsung HW-Q950T / ZF and the TV where it is connected.

For his part, HDMI CEC allows the management of multiple devices with a single remote control, unifying all the systems you have. To complete this section, it has an HDMI output, and a traditional optical input.

The wireless level is divided into Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With both options you can stream songs from your Smartphone, or connect multiple devices to each other.

To make this whole process easier, Samsung has equipped this soundbar with a system called Tap Sound, which matches the terminals you want (and that are available) with just a touch of the bar.

Finished with Kvadrat textiles

In addition to the remote control, you can use this device through the application SmartThings of Samsung, which works as a control point for all the brand’s smart devices. And if this is still not enough, the bar also includes the Alexa voice assistant in an integrated way.

Availability and Price of the Samsung HW-Q950T / ZF

Acquire the Samsung HW-Q950T / ZF means betting on the best on the market in audio equipment, so you will hardly find sound bars that offer better performance. Those who want to make one of the best investments in technology possible, can do so from the online stores of MediaMarkt, The English Court and My Electro.

  • Premium finish with Kvadrat textiles
  • 9.1.4 Audio Channels
  • Dolby ATMOS and DTS: X surround sound technologies
  • Q-Symphony technology
  • HDMI ports with eARC and CEC technology
  • Includes voice assistant Alexa
  • Multiple ways to control it
  • Intelligent audio adjustment systems

  • The whole is big and heavy


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