Samsung HW-S41T, elegant soundbar that meets the essentials

Samsung Hw S41t Barra De Sonido Elegante Que Cumple Con Lo Esencial.jpg
Samsung Hw S41t Barra De Sonido Elegante Que Cumple Con Lo Esencial.jpg

The Samsung HW-S41T / ZF, or simply Samsung HW-S41T, is a soundbar produced by the popular South Korean company for the input range, specifically for those users who only need the essentials or are just starting to put together their home theater system. In this sense, it offers Dolby Digital audio with a power of 100W output, 2.0 channels and Bluetooth connection for the user’s convenience; additionally, it shows off an elegant texture Kvadrak which gives a premium finish to an extremely economical product (approximately 200 euros).

On the other hand, if you are looking for something more sophisticated that includes a dedicated subwoofer, but without having to abandon the field of affordability, you may want to take a look at the Sony HT-G700 that we reviewed the other day.

Technical characteristics of the Samsung HW-S41T / ZF

Size (Width x Height x Depth in cm) 68.0 x 6.8 x 11,5 cm
Net weight / kg) Soundbar: 1.9 kg
Colors White Grayish
Maximum total output power 100W
Sound technology Dolby Digital, DTS 2.0
Channels 2.0 channels
Connections 1 x Optical input
Wireless connectivity Bluetooth
Power requirements 220-240V / 50Hz
Energy consumption 25W (Active), 0.5W (Idle)
Official site Samsung

Immersive audio in a sleek all-in-one design

Without a doubt, what stands out most at first glance about this inexpensive soundbar is the Premium Kvadrat fabric covering the surface, giving it an elegant and natural air that lends itself to combining home decoration in a sublime way.

The fabric with grayish white tone surrounds a sound bar that integrates two woofers and tweeters inside. Going into details, it has dimensions of 68 x 6.8 x 11.5 cm and weighs only 1.9 kilograms, so it is a compact and lightweight product when we consider the category to which it belongs.

In the upper part of the body are the buttons that control the soundbar (off / on, volume and Bluetooth pairing), while the physical connection interfaces are on the back, and we can tell you that there are not many.

Samsung HW-S41T - Design

Performance with only what you need

Being an inexpensive soundbar, it is to be expected that the Samsung HW-S41T is somewhat limited in its functions and benefits. She tries to concentrate as much power as possible in her little body, although the result, predictably, falls short.

As previously mentioned, this soundbar offers 2.0 channels, which means that audio is output through two speaker units, each playing a different track for clarity. The main drawback of this section is that there is no differentiation between the bass and treble sounds since it does not have a dedicated subwoofer, but is included within the same bar.

At the power level, the HW-S41T manages to reach the 100 W between all your speakers (2 tweeters and 2 subwoofers), which will be sufficient for small and medium rooms. Surround sound decoders fall a bit short due to the reduced power of the bar, so it only has Dolby Digital and DTS 2.0. They will do their job, but they won’t turn your living room into a movie theater.

Samsung HW-S41T - Smart Sound

The highlight of this bar is, without a doubt, its software. Whether you connect it to a TV or a Smartphone, the terminal will always be able to reproduce the best sound for each situation, all thanks to the different intelligent modes it has.

The first is the Music mode, which will be activated when the bar is paired with a Smartphone. In this mode, Samsung HW-S41T it will analyze which are the best sound parameters for the playback of the audio files and will adjust them automatically.

The second mode is very similar to the previous one, but this one is dedicated to content audiovisual of televisions. Depending on the scene that is happening, the bar will adjust its settings to highlight the most important sound in each one, so that you do not lose any detail when watching movies, series or news.


While the Samsung HW-S41T It can be connected to a television, this is not its main purpose, so in the connectivity section there is a somewhat reduced number of options that take advantage of their content.

In fact, at the level wired only has one optical input, which is not sufficient for optimal decoding of TV sound. Nor does it have a USB port for audio playback through external memory.

He wireless section It is where it stands out the most, and yet it is a basic product designed exclusively to be used with Smartphones. Your only pairing option is via Bluetooth, which provides an excellent transmission result, and even allows two Smartphones to connect simultaneously to be able to choose between the playlists of both.

Samsung HW-S41T - Wireless Connectivity

However, this Bluetooth connection will not work for expanding the sound system using additional speakers. These options are even smaller since the product lacks Wi-Fi.

The main way to operate the device will be through its remote control or using the physical buttons on the bar, since you will not be able to connect to voice assistants or the application Samsung SmartThings.

Availability and price of the Samsung HW-S41T

In general terms, the Samsung HW-S41T / ZF is a basic product for an audience that seeks amplification of their music. This is ideal to get the most out of Smartphones loaded with extensive music lists, but it will fall very short when trying to connect it to a television (although it is possible). If you are looking for a amplifier, this bar can meet your expectations in an exceptional way.

You can get it for sale through the always reliable stores of and PC Components for a fairly affordable price.

  • Multiple connection via Bluetooth
  • Extremely affordable price
  • Kvadrat Premium Fabric
  • Smart sound

  • It does not have a Subwoofer
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity
  • It only has one optical input


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