Samsung HW-T430, summary of an intermediate soundbar

Samsung Hw T430 Diseno.jpg
Samsung Hw T430 Diseno.jpg

Although the users seek external sound devices to enhance the multimedia experience in their homes, This does not mean that everyone is willing to pay large sums of money or that they really need a lot of power at their disposal. This is how more affordable models of quality Samsung HW-T430 gain ground.

Samsung HW-T430 / ZF is a mid-range soundbar presented as a 2.1 channel system accompanied by a 6.5-inch subwoofer with wireless connection that allows you to feel the intensity of some powerful and deep bass while surrounding yourself in much fuller sound at up to 170W. Below we review each of its most relevant technical features:

Samsung HW-T430 Features

Samsung HW-T430
Weight and measurements
Size (W x H x D in mm) Soundbar: 860.0 x 54.0 x 74.0 mm | Subwoofer: 181.5 x 343.0 x 272.0 mm
Net weight / kg) Soundbar: 1.5 kilograms | Subwoofer: 4.4 kg
Colors Black
Audio system
Maximum total output power 170 W
Sound technology Dolby Digital
Connections 1 x Optical input
Wireless connectivity Bluetooth 4.2
Energy consumption
Power requirements 220-240V / 50Hz
Energy consumption 20W (bar), 25W (subwoofer)
Official site Samsung

Design for easy installation

Samsung HW-T430 has a conventional aesthetic style

The intention in the composition of this model is that users do not have to waste time starting to use it from the first time, so it is only a matter of placing the bar in front of the television or on a support on the wall and synchronizing it in seconds, either through a physical input or through Bluetooth with the televisions of the South Korean brand.

One of the keys in shaping Samsung HW-T430 / ZF is its subwoofer, which has a classic rectangular format and in black throughout its entire surface to give it the extra necessary sound. GThanks to its completely cable-free configuration, complications are avoided when finding a place at the table, desk or other corner of the room, and can also establish a more enveloping configuration depending on where you sit in the room.

It is worth noting that the bar is also compatible with the Samsung’s OneRemote feature that eliminates the need for multiple remote controls to operate each multimedia deviceIf you have a recent Samsung Smart TV, it is feasible to handle functions such as power, volume or sound effects of the Samsung HW-T430 from that same remote control.

Extra power with some additions

Samsung HW-T430ZF

Samsung HW-T430ZF is an intermediate model updated to 2020

As mentioned previously, that model It is within the most affordable proposals of the manufacturer and logically your 2.1 channel system with a power of 170W it lags well behind what “Premium” versions propose, such as the Samsung HW-T650 (with 3.1 channels and a maximum of 340W).

Equally, its 2020 release ranks it as a recent soundbar that includes some of the manufacturer’s latest performance enhancements, in addition to support for the Dolby Digital audio standard that ensures better immersion during compatible movies, series and games.

The experience of Samsung HW-T430 / ZF “smart sound” takes care of understanding each specific content that is being played to optimize it in real time through an automatic analysis of the original sound sources. The result is none other than clearer sounds, whether for a very noisy sports match or for a quiet dialogue.

Finally, there is a “Game” mode included that will be liked by those looking to use it with new generation consoles, It is not necessary to be manually modifying audio parameters since incredible sound effects for video games are ensured through automatic configuration.

Connectivity and final details

Samsung HW-T430ZF

As previously clarified, Samsung HW-T430 has inside Bluetooth connectivity in its standard 4.2, which makes it possible to connect automatically with a brand television to completely forget about cables, while after a first synchronization it will automatically turn on and off each time the TV does so.

In addition to it, mobile devices and computers can also use this connection technology to send audio content No cables in between, as long as they are in a close range (around 10 meters).

In the case of physical inputs, perhaps its greatest negative point is found in its analysis, since there is hardly an optical digital audio port but no HDMI, so it could be a complication for those users who do not have televisions with availability of Bluetooth connectivity.

Finally, the official dimensions of the product stay at 860.0 x 54.0 x 74.0 mm for its bar as well as 181.5 x 343.0 x 272.0 mm for the complementary subwoofer, while its total weight consists of 1.5 kilograms for the first and 4.4 kilograms for the second.

Availability and price of Samsung HW-T430 / ZF

  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Some additional audio enhancements
  • Integrated Bluetooth connectivity
  • Cable-free subwoofer
  • Does not have HDMI input / output


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