Samsung HW-T550, a budget surround sound bet

Samsung Hw T550 Destacada.jpg
Samsung Hw T550 Destacada.jpg

It is undeniable that part of a good multimedia experience requires quality sound. When you visit a movie theater, you can see all those horns on the side walls that ensure that each audio track reaches your ear clearly. Achieving something similar in our homes can be difficult, but thanks to the sound bar Samsung HW-T550, you can adapt any room to be an entertainment center, and all for a reduced price.

Samsung HW-T550 Technical Specifications

Soundbar Size (Width x Height x Depth) 86.0 x 5.5 x 8.5 cm
Soundbar Weight 2.1 Kg
Subwoofer Size (W x H x D) 92.3 x 43.5 x 27.1 cm
Subwoofer Weight 5 Kg
Colors Black
Maximum total output power 320 W
Sound technology Dolby Digital and DTS Virtual: X
Connections 1 x HDMI input, 1 x HDMI output, 1 x Optical input, 1 x USB input
Wireless connectivity Bluetooth
Package content
  • 1 x Sound Bar
  • 1 x SubWoofer
  • Remote control
  • Wall bracket
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Conventional design

The Samsung HW-T550 It is a product made up of two elements: a sound bar and a subwoofer. The Sound bar, its main component, has a traditional design of this type of product, with a casing that covers all the sides except the front, where the speakers are protected by a mesh. Its dimensions are adapted to most of the current flat televisions, having a width of 86.0 cm, a height of 5.5 cm, and a depth of 8.5 cm. The weight will not represent a major problem for its location or transfer, since it barely reaches the 2.1 Kg.

To maintain appearance Premium, the top and sides are port-free, displaying a matte black finish. The rear and bottom areas concentrate the inputs necessary for the operation of the product.

A Subwoofer complements the product to offer the best reproduction of bass sounds. Because the horns for this wave spectrum are larger, a much larger area is required than is available on the bar. Additionally, separating the Subwoofer from the rest of the product allows a special construction for the box resonance.


In this way, the subwoofer It has dimensions of 92.3 cm high, 43.5 cm wide, and 27.1 cm deep. The weight is somewhat higher, reaching up to 5 Kg. It shares a similar design to the bar, with a mesh front, pristine, connection-free sides, and a rear with a sound-enhancing cavity.

Features and Sound

The power and sound quality of the Samsung HW-T550 is more than correct. This is a bar 2.1 channels, that is, the high-pitched sounds are emitted through two different speakers so that the different audio tracks a clear reproduction without mixing. The 1 represents the Subwoofer, which, as we mentioned previously, offers better reproduction of bass sounds.

All cornets in total offer a 320 W power, this being a fairly high volume level. Decoders are not far behind either, since it has the two most popular options on the market, being DTS Virtual: X and Dolby Digital. These, without being the best alternatives to create a surround sound currently available, still offer exceptional quality in the vast majority of situations.

Samsung HW-T550 - Surround Sound

He software of the HW-T550 it is not for less. So that you do not have to constantly switch between sound settings, the bar is able to analyze in real time the content that is being played on the television or monitor and automatically determine the best ones. parameters for audio. In this way, a soccer game will sound different from a concert, but each one will shine for its most important aspects.

This technology is not only applied for movies and television shows, but they have also implemented it for video games with an exclusive mode for them. He game mode detects any of the compatible consoles (Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch) and immediately adjusts the settings of the bar.

So that you do not miss any content, the HW-T550 with a wide catalog of encoding formats, among which are ACC, WAV, MP3, FLAC, among others.


When it comes to connectivity options, the main strength of the Samsung HW-T550 It is in your wireless section. The soundbar has connectivity Bluetooth It allows a cable-free connection between devices. It transmits data quickly and reliably, avoiding quality loss. Any device compatible with Bluetooth, such as Smartphones, televisions, among others, can be paired with the bar. It even accepts up to two simultaneous connections so you don’t have to constantly switch between paired devices.

Superior controls

Through the Bluetooth connection you can also expand the package offered by the T550as additional speakers can be connected.

It should be noted that, unlike other products such as Samsung HW-Q950T, the bar HW-T550 does not have connectivity Wifi, which in turn has deprived her of the use of the application Samsung SmartThings, or to work with voice assistants like Alexa.

TO wire level the bar offers a USB port for content playback via external memory, an optical cable input, an HDMI output to connect to devices, and an input HDMI CEC, which means that you can use a single remote control (be it the one included with the sound bar or another) to control all the terminals connected to this interface.

Availability and Price of the Samsung HW-T550

When it comes to inexpensive options that help you create a close-to-home theater experience, few options are better than Samsung HW-T550. Although it is not such a complex product, having 2.1 channels and wireless connectivity help it stand out in any modern home.

  • Excellent design and weight
  • Good surround sound thanks to 2.1 channels
  • More than enough power of 320W
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth

  • It does not have Wi-Fi nor can it be paired with voice assistants
  • You don’t have the Samsung SmartThings app


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