Samsung HW-T650, 3.1 soundbar with built-in Bluetooth

Samsung Hw T650.jpg
Samsung Hw T650.jpg

In the Samsung’s range of intermediate devices There are a wide variety of options that users can choose from when it comes to sound bars, focusing on either good design, high audio power, or even connectivity enhancements, or why not a combination of all of these. At least it shows Samsung HW-T650.

Samsung HW-T650 / ZF is a soundbar with a powerful 340W audio system and a 3.1 channel composition that promises a greater immersion in the experience compared to conventional equipment. As if that weren’t enough, its performance improvements are complemented by integrated Bluetooth connectivity and a design with the already classic quality from the South Korean firm.

Samsung HW-T650 Features

Samsung HW-T650
Weight and measurements
Size (W x H x D in mm) Soundbar: 980.0 x 58.0 x 90.0 mm | Subwoofer: 205 x 353 x 303mm
Net weight / kg) Soundbar: 2.4 kilograms | Subwoofer: 6.2 kg
Colors Black
Audio system
Maximum total output power 340 W
Sound technology DTS Virtual: X
Connections 1 x HDMI In, 1 x HDMI Out, 1 x Optical In, 1 x USB 2.0
Wireless connectivity Bluetooth
Energy consumption
Power requirements 220-240V / 50Hz
Energy consumption 35W (bar), 28W (subwoofer)
Official site Samsung

More than increased power

Samsung HW-T650 / ZF has a totally classic design

As the pictures show, This soundbar comes from the factory with a 6.5-inch wireless subwoofer that makes it easy to install anywhere in the room without having to worry about cables in the middle of the road. This makes it possible to feel a greater intensity of the bass with more depth when it comes to action scenes or certain musical genres.

Its 3.1-channel composition with a total arrangement of seven speakers makes it possible to reach a total power of 340Wwhile details such as dialogue promise superior clarity thanks to a unique center channel that works to reproduce sound balanced from end to end and surrounds the home for immersive audio.

Likewise, Samsung HW-T650 / ZF supports DTS Virtual: X advanced audio technology, which recreates the sound to take it to a greater number of dimensions and appreciate 3D effects. When it comes to decoding sound files, a wide range of popular formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF and OGG are included.

To end, the computer automatically analyzes sound sources to optimize the audio track for the specific content being playedSuch is the example of sports with a lot of noise or a movie with soft dialogues, thus avoiding the user wasting time manually modifying each audio parameter.

In the case of video game lovers, a “Game” mode makes it easy to connect the console and enjoy the incredible sound effects instantly, with automated audio effects that optimize audio details in real time, including interference cancellation to appreciate clear sound from the right direction.

Integrated wireless connectivity

Samsung HW-T650 / ZF

Samsung HW-T650 / ZF has a specific mode for games

As mentioned above, this Samsung HW-T650 allows you to use your subwoofer wirelessly to the soundbar, although it is not the only thing available to you. And is that the Bluetooth technology says present to also synchronize with the TV of the same Asian brand and thus forget about the traditional physical connections like HDMI.

It is also appreciated that there is availability for multi-device connection, that is, up to two different mobile devices can be synchronized at the same time and listen to content from one to the other without having to disconnect them, also allowing to alternate the music playback between one and the other.

If what matters is your physical tickets, there is a classic optical digital audio port for use with various multimedia equipment, a USB 2.0 for playback from external storage drives, and an HDMI input / output It stays at the 1.4 standard, so unfortunately it is not compatible with the most recent screens of televisions and monitors that reach a UHD resolution or have support for HDR.

Of course, the bar has an integrated remote control of conventional design but there is also compatibility with the Samsung’s OneRemote function that allows you to directly use the same remote from a TV from the manufacturer to perform basic actions such as turning it on / off, controlling the volume, and even switching between sound effects.

Differences with Samsung HW-R530

Samsung HW-T650

Samsung HW-T650 is a model launched on the market in 2020

If Samsung has several mid-range bars in its catalog, it is obvious that there are similar models in their specifications that also deserve to be taken into account. One of them is Samsung HW-R530, a model with almost identical design and which is also accompanied by a subwoofer and the same connectivity options available.

So, the key is in its lower quality and available sound power, since Samsung HW-R530 stays in a 2.1 channel system with a total of 290W available For the users. Although there is no doubt that the protagonist of this analysis is the winner in the comparison, it is still a good decision to opt for this alternative if it can be obtained at a price that is significantly lower.

Availability and price of Samsung HW-T650 / ZF

  • Good sound power
  • Immersive 3.1 channel audio experience
  • Wireless subwoofer and Bluetooth support
  • Competitive final price
  • It is not compatible with the latest TVs and UHD monitors


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