Sony KD-55XD8005, 4K TV with HDR

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Sony Kd 55xd8005.png

Today we are going to analyze the Sony KD-55XD8005, an upper mid-range from Sony that looks quite interesting. As usual, first we will show the characteristics all together in a table and then we will proceed to analyze them one by one, to be able to see what this television is made of.

Sony KD-55XD8005 technical characteristics

Make model Sony KD-55XD8005
Size 55 inch
Resolution 4K
Relationship 16: 9
Frequency 400 HZ
Backlighting Led
Smart tv Yes
Integrated Wifi Yes
3D No
USB Recorder Yes
Sound 20w
Dimensions without stand (Height x Width x Depth) 71.7 x 123.1 x 4.4 cm
Dimensions with stand (Height x Width x Depth) 76.9 x 123.1 x 26.2 cm
Weight 14.7 / 18 kg
VESA compatibility Yes
HDMI ports 4
USB ports 3
Other connectors 1 scart, 1 digital audio output, 1 Ethernet, 1 headphone output
CI + integrated Yes
Energy class TO
Contents / accessories Power cord Operating instructions Remote control Batteries Desktop stand

Other formats: Sony KD-43XD8005 / Sony KD-49XD8005

The mid-range rating falls a bit short for the Sony KD-55XD8005, as features such as good connectivity and 4K are typical of the high-end. Therefore, although we have officially put it as a mid-range, I consider the TV as a high-mid-range, being only a few steps behind the most cutting-edge televisions on the market.

Exterior design and connectivity

The design of the Sony KD-55XD8005 is quite similar to other similar Sony televisions in the same range, being a very attractive and stylish design that adapts without any problems to any living room or bedroom. The frame is quite thin, though does not reach the level of other high-end TVs It seems that they are directly frameless.

Sony KD-55XD8005 design

Regarding its weight, we have good news, since although 55 inches can already be considered a large TV, the Sony KD-55XD8005 weighs only 15 kilos, a light weight that will allow you to transport it yourself only when moving and changing rooms without any problems if you use both hands. What if it weighs a lot is the support, a support of more than 3 kilos that aims to hold the television and be at the same time a piece of design, since its silver color contrasts with the black color of the television and therefore calls much attention.

Connectivity is undoubtedly the strongest point of the world since we have 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, Ethernet cable, 1 scart port and a component port among others. Undoubtedly high-end connectivity, since it will allow you to have plenty of space to connect all your devices to this TV without problems.

In the wireless section it also fully complies, since it has both integrated Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth. Wi-Fi connection Integrated has the objective of being able to connect the TV to the internet without cable and bluetooth connect other devices to the TV easily, among which we have mainly sound devices, such as bluetooth headphones.

Image quality and other functions

The image quality of the Sony KD-55XD8005 is very good, starting with its resolution. The first thing we have to see is that it has a 4K resolution, a resolution that right now is the highest resolution there is of all those that are currently commercial. This resolution offers 4 times more resolution than Full HD resolution, that is, it actually offers 4 times more detail than this resolution.

Sony KD-55XD8005 4k

Sony KD-55XD8005 4k

If we look at other aspects, we have a 400 hertz motionflow image enhancement, a pretty decent amount of screen refreshment for a mid-range. The utility of the screen refresh of a television is to improve the emission of images on the screen, that is, it allows to increase the speed at which the images are emitted, something that allows the images to look very fluid and similar to the reality.

We also have the function of high dynamic range or HDR, a standard that increases brightness, contrast and improves the quality of colors of this television. This greatly improves the image that the Sony KD-55XD8005 is capable of emitting, since if you compare it with a television that does not have HDR the difference is quite noticeable.

If we look at the tuner of the Sony KD-55XD8005, we have all the tuners available, among which are included the TDT and TDT2 satellite tuner, the TDT cable tuner and the TDT and TDT2 terrestrial tuner. Thanks to this we will be able to watch television in all possible ways, with the television being prepared for the nearest future.

Software, sound and other features

The software in charge of managing the Smart TV of this television is Android TV, Google’s software for televisions, which has been integrated with Sony Bravia. The software on the Sony KD-55XD8005 is quite good, since allows you to view content on the internet such as YouTube, Netflix or Skype. So much so, that this TV has been recommended by Netflix because it integrates perfectly with these functions.

Sony KD-55XD8005 stand

Sony KD-55XD8005 stand

The sound of the Sony KD-55XD8005 lacks a bit, since it only has 20 watts of sound, a slightly weak sound for this range and especially for this size. The good thing is that we will be able to expand the sound quality, since we will be able to connect an external speaker thanks to the digital audio output connector. In addition, you can also connect bluetooth headphones completely wirelessly.

In conclusion, the Sony KD-55XD8005 is a TV that delivers on all that it promises and has hardly any flaws. Thus, will allow almost any demanding consumer to be satisfied with this television. further it has a fairly good energy efficiency, with an A grade that allows the TV not to surprise the electricity bill.

Where to buy the Sony KD-55XD8005?

TV KD-55XD8005: Pros and Cons Table

  • Connectivity
  • TDT2
  • Sound
6.3 Total score

7.3Expert score
Picture quality
System / Smart Tv
Price / quality ratio
5.3User rating
Picture quality
System / Smart Tv
Price / quality ratio


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