Sony KD-55XD8505, the 4K HDR gains followers

Sony Kd 55xd8505.jpg
Sony Kd 55xd8505.jpg

Today we are going to talk about the new Sony KD-55XD8505 television, a 4K television that includes the brand new high dynamic range HDR, which is gaining many followers and is giving much to talk about in recent times. Today we are going to see whether the high dynamic range HDR and the Sony KD-55XD8505 are up to the task.

Other formats: Sony KD-85XD8505 / Sony KD-65XD8505 / Sony KD-75XD8505

Sony KD-55XD8505 TV Features

Make model Sony KD-55XD8505
Size 55 inch
Resolution 4K
Relationship 16: 9
Frequency 800 Hz
Backlighting Yes (Edge Led)
Smart tv Yes (Android TV)
Integrated Wifi Yes
3D No
USB Recorder Yes
Tuner Yes (DTT 2 Ready)
Sound 2 x 10 W
Dimensions without stand (Height x Width x Depth) 71.7 x 123.1x 4.4 cm
Dimensions with stand (Height x Width x Depth) 77 x 123.1 x 26.3 cm
Weight (without / with stand) 15.1 / 18.6 kg
VESA compatibility Yes
HDMI ports 4
USB ports 3
Other connectors 1 Composite Video, 1 Component, 1 RF Connection, 1 Scart, 1 Ethernet, 1 Digital Audio, Headphones
CI + Integrated Yes
Energy class TO
Contents / accessories Remote control, power cord, batteries.

Other formats: Sony KD-65XD8505 / Sony KD-75XD8505 / Sony KD-85XD8505

We can verify that it is a decent TV, having everything you can ask for in a mid-range TV, maybe upper mid-range. The only problem I see on television is that it does not have 3D, but it is something that has not penetrated very deeply in Spain and that therefore no one usually misses a television of these characteristics.

Exterior design and connectivity

The design of the TV is a design very similar to what Sony has used to us, that is, an elegant design that usually looks quite good with your living room. This time they have opted for an aluminum frame, with a depth of only 4 centimeters with a very attractive black finish. As for the TV stand, it’s quite discreet, but it fulfills its function of holding perfectly.

Connectivity is the standard in a mid-range TV, highlighting its 4 HDMI ports which for my point of view is a great success. A DVI or VGA connector might be missing, but it’s not too important when almost every electronic device in your home has HDMI. As for the rest, it usually has the typical component connectors, scart … intended to connect older devices to the television.

Image quality, sound and functions in general

Now we are going to analyze the image quality of 4K high dynamic range and see if it is true as good as they say. I have to admit that the use of color and contrast is one of the best I’ve seen, since they look much more like the real world than in other TVs. Something similar also happens with the use of lights, which thanks to the high dynamic range we can achieve really impressive results, as we can see in the image below.All this is achieved with a powerful X1 4K processor, which is responsible for managing the shine frame by frame.

Results Sony KD-55XD8505 High Dynamic Range

The end result of the high dynamic range is a wider color gamut, a general improvement in the use of brightness and above all an improvement in realism, since what is dark looks really dark and what is light looks really light. just like it happens in real life, achieving an investment only surpassed by curved televisions. Another advantage of this television is that it allows us to adjust the image to our liking with various image modes such as Live, Standard, Professional Cinema, Home Cinema, Sports, Photography … which adapts the brightness and color of the television to your needs. and to the best situation. If the 55-inch size seems small, you have the TV in other sizes.

4K resolution is so far the highest there is (within the reach of the average consumer), being 4 times better than Full HD. However, in our country more content is needed in 4K, so it is wasted from my point of view.

As for the sound, we have two 10-watt speakers with dolby digital plus. This is no big deal though, we can connect a home cinema system with the digital audio output jack. Like its curved sister Sony KD-55SD8505, it has 4 different sound modes such as cinema mode, live football mode, standard mode and music mode. The operation of these modes is simple, that is, it tries to adapt the sound of the television to the situation, making the sound of football simulate a stadium and the cinema mode simulate the classic surround sound of the cinema.

As for its functions, we have the typical, such as DVB-T recorder, USB ports with a player… Its compatibility with TDT2 stands out, which will be the television of the future in less time than we expect And these TVs are welcome to include it, as they save you money in the long run by not making you buy a special tuner in the future.

Smart TV, energy efficiency and general conclusion

Smart TV and 4K tend to go hand in hand and this TV could not be the exception, in this case They have opted for the classic Android TV, having the normal thing in a Smart TV, that is to say, applications like Youtube, Skype …

Regarding its consumption, it has the energy label A, granging between 100 and 150 Watts depending on the image and sound mode we are using, something that is normal for a television with these characteristics. This per year translates into 143 Kwh of consumption using the television daily, which in money would be only 21.45 euros of annual consumption (with the Kwh at 15 cents).

4K HDR Sony KD-55XD8505

4K HDR Sony KD-55XD8505

In conclusion, the Sony KD-55XD8505 is a television with one of the best image qualities within 4K, as the high dynamic range HDR really delivers what it promises. Undoubtedly a good purchase for the most demanding people with image quality and who have not been convinced by curved televisions, since within flat televisions, it is one of the best mid / high range and one of the best from Sony .

Where to buy the Sony KD-55XD8505 TV?

Sony KD-55XD8505 Pros and Cons Chart

  • 4K HDR resolution.
  • The management of color and contrast.
  • Price somewhat higher than the more modest brands
  • Fair energy class
8.1 Total score

Picture quality
System / Smart TV
Price / quality ratio


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